Case Intrum Justitia

An easier and less risky payment method for online merchants

The payment method module implemented for Intrum Justitia arose from one customer’s need to obtain a new, easier and less risky payment method for its online shop. The project was implemented with a Magento payment method module built by Digia, integrating Intrum’s invoicing into the customer’s online shop. The module’s genius lies in the fact that it enables different persons within the company to make purchases on the same invoice, while simultaneously connecting Intrum’s other services to the payment method service.

The payment method module was implemented as a product owned by Intrum, which the company can sell to its customers. Companies can now easily manage which employees are permitted to buy products in the company’s name and simultaneously manage risks through easy checking of invoicing authorisations.

milla-teimme.pngWhat we used

  • Magento