Case Kalevala Jewelry

Stepping up operational efficiency with a Finnish partner

Kalevala Jewelry had a need to modernise its ERP system. The main objectives were to increase efficiency in the order-delivery process and facilitate production planning. The company opted for Microsoft Dynamics AX, with Digia as the supplier. The system has evolved in line with Kalevala Jewelry's changing needs.

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The system fulfils the objectives we set for it. We're always up to date and over time we've become even more pleased.

Pirjo Sorsa, Finance and Administration Director, Kalevala Koru Oy


Valuing Finnish partnership

Kalevala Jewelry's Finance and Administration Director Pirjo Sorsa and IT Manager Tiina Ahlfors tell us how the ERP system Digia supplied in 2010 has changed Kalevala Jewelry. They also talk about the cooperation between the two companies.

Digia and Kalevala Jewelry first partnered up in 2009, when Kalevala Jewelry updated its old ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics AX came out on top, with Digia as the supplier. Digia gets praise for its prompt service.

“We've recently had many requests to modify AX, as we started an internal Lean project to boost our process efficiency in summer 2015. Digia has handled these requests well: the company knows our organisation and operating methods, and thus quickly understands what we need,” says Tiina Ahlfors.

The change packages go into production four times a year as set out in a controlled and pre-planned cycle.

Highly flexible ERP

Most of Kalevala Jewelry's functions are covered by the ERP system.

“Our system is easy to use, stable and reliable – there are no disruptions. We have very high expectations,” says Pirjo Sorsa.

“The system fulfils the objectives we set for it. We're always up to date and over time we've become even more pleased.”

Customisation is important to enable Kalevala Jewelry to develop its operations – avoiding unnecessary customisation is just as important.  The system has enhanced the operations of the company, which is particularly evident in turnaround times and warehouse turnover.

Post-delivery cooperation

Kalevala Jewelry's values include Finnish production. If there are no significant differences in the price-quality ratio, the company chooses a Finnish IT partner.

Both Sorsa and Ahlfors feel that working with a Finnish partner makes their own job easier – they don't have to explain their operations, issues can be discussed in Finnish, there are no cultural or time differences and the company is known to Finns. No time is wasted on unnecessary matters.

Digia's service manager responds quickly to the customer's wishes. When Kalevala Jewelry's earlier IT manager retired, Digia's service manager understood the challenges faced in this transitional phase and took on a stronger role in Digia's team.

“One good example I can mention is that Digia was able to respond quickly to a problem and provide assistance, even though it was the middle of summer,” says Sorsa.

A company of Digia's size has experts for every situation.

Comprehensive partnership

System development is ongoing. Kalevala Jewelry seeks to understand its customers even better and provide exactly the kind of service they expect – to be better partners to them.

A company of Digia's size has experts for every situation.

“Digia always has someone with whom we can work effectively,” says Sorsa.

“You always face challenges in large-scale projects. However, even after operations expanded, nothing vital was neglected or left incomplete.”

The system implementation schedule also remained on track. Kalevala Jewelry's auditor even stated that she'd rarely seen an implementation project that had been run so well.

“It's easy to step in as the new IT Manager in an environment where everything is in such good shape,” says Ahlfors, who has been with the company for just under a year.