Intelligence and automation in supply chains

Internationalisation creates new challenges for logistics and forwarding companies. It means that information must also flow quickly, flexibly and safely.

The requirements for the traceability of goods and the transparency of supply chains increase.

Growing international trade and increasing goods flows challenge companies that provide logistics and shipping services. Rapid supply of goods must be guaranteed even in a world of fragmented goods flows, complicated supply chains and quickened pace of deliveries. Meanwhile the requirements for the traceability of goods and the transparency of supply chains increase.

Order, location and inventory information has to be available for all members of the delivery chain, in real time and, preferably in a mobile-friendly form. Intelligence and automation become rooted in delivery chains. 

We help our customers in the following areas of operation:

Developing Services

A broad range of versatile services in different channels facilitate doing business. Mobile solutions provide delivery status information anytime, anywhere.

Steering operations

Automation increases the efficiency of the delivery chain. The steering system helps filling electronic customs declarations. Automated employee schedule software optimises the work of permanent staff and agency-hired resources.

Utilising Information

Analytics improve predictability Integrations increase the transparency of the delivery chain.

Why Digia?

Digia has solid experience in, and excellent business understanding of, logistics, shipments, and the operating processes of those business areas. Our core competence lies in the integration of information systems and processes.

With our transport and logistics solutions, information is automatically transferred from one system to another throughout the entire order-delivery chain, in a fast, flexible and secure manner. When all parts of the value chain are seamlessly integrated, the productivity of the chain is maximised. The integration of information systems enhance the efficiency of data transfer within the company and between the company and its partner network.

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