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ERP and an integrated webshop solution

The Finnish company Lojer Oy that manufactures hospital and care furniture introduced the Digia Enterprise ERP system as the foundation of its Finnish and Swedish business operations. The ERP system also includes three separate webshops in Finland and Sweden.

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Digia has been able to help us in variable situations by tailoring and also by developing its software.

Ville Laine, CEO, Lojer Oy


An integrated package with an ERP system and a webshop makes everyday business easier

The Finnish company Lojer Oy needed an ERP system for operating its business in Finland and Sweden. In addition to the system, Digia's solution included three webshops that serve Lojer's customers even better than before.

Lojer Oy manufactures hospital and care furniture and acts as a retailer and importer of world-class physiotherapy brands. The company, whose head office is located in Sastamala, employs 120 people in Finland and 20 people in its sales companies in Norway, Sweden and Russia. The focus is on the global market, because roughly 60% of all products are exported. Products have already been sold to a total of 110 countries. The newspaper Helsingin Sanomat wrote about Lojer’s internationalisation and significant sales in Indonesia in October 2015 (story in Finnish).

The cooperation with Digia started in 2011, when Lojer deployed the Digia Enterprise ERP system. At the moment, the company’s business in Finland and Sweden is operated in the system in question.

An integrated ERP system enables seamless service online

In addition to the ERP system, Digia has also helped Lojer take its sales online successfully. Several webshops have been set up in the recent years.

“We have introduced three separate webshops in Finland and Sweden,” says CEO Ville Laine, Lojer.

The Digia Enterprise system acts as the foundation for Lojer’s whole business. The webshops are no exception.

“In a sense, the webshops are the ERP system’s user interfaces. They are not separate, individual shops, they are one single, completely cohesive whole,” Laine explains.

Thanks to this, the customers’ purchasing process from submitting an order to the product delivery and invoicing is automatic – via one single ordering system. This means that separate system integrations are not needed.

“All information in Digia Enterprise, such as customer price lists, stock balances and delivery time information, can be directly utilised by our webshop,” Laine says.

The seamless whole reduces manual work, makes the production process faster and reduces the possibility of human error.

“For example, when a customer orders a treatment table in Sweden, the information is transferred automatically to the factory’s manufacturing system and further on to the subcontractors. The delivery and invoicing are also fully automatic,” Laine says.

Digia Enterprise acts as the foundation of Lojer's business.

Tailored products for individual needs

Lojer wants to offer its customers as comprehensive a product selection as possible. Needs vary, both with regard to the features as well as the appearance of the products.

“Our customers represent several different user groups, such as massage therapists, physiotherapists and naprapaths. All of these groups of professionals have different needs with regard to the product features. At the same time, the differences in the interior designs of the clinics are also significant,” Laine explains.

The diverse customers require flexibility from the production chain. In fact, you can customise the product at the webshop exactly as you like it, at any time of the day.

“We want to offer our customers options they can choose for themselves, using the webshop’s product configuration tool. When the customers choose the features they want, they see their effect on the price immediately. Finally, the order goes directly to our production, where the exact product the customer wants can be manufactured out of thousands of options.”

Naturally, the webshop makes work at Lojer easier, but it also allows customers to do business flexibly. Especially when it comes to treatment tables, Lojer’s customers are mainly small entrepreneurs, who may find it difficult to purchase equipment during the normal opening hours.

“Our customers are typically very small companies and self-employed people, mainly massage therapists and physiotherapists. They are very busy working during the day, so a webshop is a good opportunity to purchase equipment in the evenings and weekends,” Laine notes.

Smooth cooperation on both sides

According to Laine, the cooperation with Digia has gone well. Laine praises not only the expertise of Digia employees and their ability to react, but also the opportunity to discuss issues directly with the Finnish developers of the Digia Enterprise ERP system.

“The cooperation with Lojer and Digia is continuous. Digia has been able to help us in variable situations by tailoring and also by developing its software. It’s actually pretty great that Digia’s product development happens here in Finland and we have a direct connection with the product development, too. We have also seen our ideas included in the standard product.”

The cooperation continues – at the very least, the aim is to update the Digia Enterprise system to its latest version in 2016. Investments are also made in international online business.