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Protecting Finnish society

Public service users are growing in number, while the resources for producing the services are shrinking. The public sector faces a challenge: How to secure services for citizens across Finland despite cuts to public spending. The challenge can be tackled on the one hand by developing secure, user-friendly, multi-channel electronic services that are accessible to everyone regardless of time and place. Public sector partnerships and centralised services are one way to improve the efficiency of service provision.

Services for citizens must be provided on an equitable basis across Finland

Inventive information system solutions increase efficiency and give the public sector a means to respond to the productivity and usability challenges of today’s increasingly digital world.

New service innovations stem from a deeper understanding of users’ needs. A higher and higher percentage of public services are outsourced, and public sector and private sector services can be bundled into seamless, interactive customer relationships with citizens by focusing on service process development. 

Digitalisation and the growth of the Internet of Things have increased the importance of information security in new service development.


We help our public sector customers in the following areas:

Service development

Our secure, user-orientated, interactive electronic solutions improve the accessibility of services and the efficiency of service provision.

Enterprise resource planning

Our process automation and product-based systems increase the efficiency of services and free human resources for tasks that require interaction.

Efficient use of data

Our data architecture and seamless integration services allow information to be pooled efficiently from different sources. This creates a foundation for developing innovative services and analytical business intelligence.


Why Digia?

Digia is a trusted partner for public administration. Our long experience of working with the public sector and understanding its needs, developing new kinds of services, building secure operational systems, automating processes, and designing customer-orientated electronic solutions enables our customers to boost their productivity and lays down a solid foundation for ever-deeper partnerships.

Digia is a joint procurement unit for Hansel Oy’s management consultancy services in the following fields:

  • Development of operations, business processes, and services (B)
  • Information management development, enterprise architecture, and risk management (D)
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