Retail trade

Goods, services and experiences for your everyday needs from a multichannel store

With digitalisation, stores serve the customers in increasingly more personalised ways, taking their individual needs into account. In addition to high quality, flexible service, consumers are demanding responsibility and transparency from their stores.

Thanks to several long-term customer relationships, our expertise encompasses the entire value chain of trade, from producer to end customer.

In a digitalised world, the consumer visits a store the way they want, regardless of time and place. A retail store that operates on all channels not only eases the everyday life of consumers, but also offers a versatile product and service selection along with enjoyable experiences and stimuli.

A store that interacts with the customer sends them customised messages based on their purchase history, consumer habits and interests.

Mobility plays a key role throughout the entire value chain. Communication via smart phones steers consumer behaviour, and all information and functions are made available to users in mobile terminals.

The demand for local stores and services is growing. Consumers demand responsible, transparent business operations and traceability of goods all the way to primary production.


We work in partnership with retail trade in the following business areas

Developing Services

History data, forecasts, systems and processes are combined to support customised, multichannel customer experience. The service provider communicates with the customer in real time, both in store and online.

Steering Operations

Modern ERP enables successful, multichannel business experience efficient supporting logistics. Optimisation of human resources along with efficient and equal management of staff help businesses serve their customers better and in a more cost-efficient manner.

Utilizing Information

Service-based information logistics enable the utilisation and sharing of information according to the needs of interest groups. Information logistics integrate the processes, goods flow and marketing communications firmly into personalised customer service. The availability of vital information in customer interface is key to cohesive multichannel customer experience. Competitive edge is achieved by combining and analysing big data on customer behaviour and interests together with core business data. Rapid decision-making is based on simple and fast visual reporting available on all platforms.


Why Digia?

Digia has years of experience in collaborating with leading retail companies.  Together with our customers, we develop customised information system solutions for business operations and customer interaction. 



Our offering includes the following solutions and services: 

Service development of multichannel business         e-commerce         industry-specific solutions for retail trade         overall architecture          information system integrations and information logistics     |     customer analytics      |      Tempus – optimisation of human resources         Digia OTE mobile solutions     |     maintenance and support services         outsourced information system services     |     management ICT consulting

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