Better services, more efficiently – with the goal of becoming a world-class service provider

The buyers of services in different fields expect increasingly extensive service packages with predictable costs.

With digitalisation, the operations can be developed and made more efficient at the same time, without compromising the customer experience and service.

Digitalisation enables even more efficient service production: for example, optimising the mobile work process, enabling additional sales on site, and streamlining the invoicing process itself all the way from acknowledging the work to invoicing are emphasised.

It must be possible to respond to the increasing competition with products and services based on innovation and customer understanding. Digitalisation opens doors for the development of new kinds of services and business models.

The ability to include rapidly increasing amounts of data into the company’s processes gives our customers an improved ability to anticipate and react to the changes in the highly cyclical business environment and refine the information into new kinds of services.


We help our service sector customers in the following areas:

Developing services

We help our customers to digitalise their business processes and develop new services for the different stages of the customer’s service path. User interface design plays an integral role in ensuring that the services are functional and easy to use for different users in different environments. Among other things, our offering covers remote monitoring and control solutions, the sale of maintenance and spare parts services, property maintenance, and solutions for social and health care services, such as care for older people and meal services. In addition, our offering includes mobile solutions, services aiming at making internal operations more efficient, such as electronic desktops, as well as sales, marketing, customer relationship management and customer service solutions.

Steering operations

Agility in meeting future needs requires flexible information systems. With our enterprise resource planning solutions and services, you ensure reliable operations and seamless customer experience throughout the service chain. Our offering covers customer information management, master data management, mobile work optimisation and mobile work management, speeding up the invoicing process, and real-time customer profitability monitoring, financial management as well as enterprise resource planning and service operations management.

Utilizing information

The amount of information on offer is growing, as business processes and services become digitalised. Opportunities can be found in refining the enormous amount of data into a usable form – to support decision-making and create new services. Our offering covers enterprise architecture, integration architecture and integration services with a service centre model, status view solutions, management reporting solutions, cloud-based diagnostics (IoT), data storage, master data management and Big Data solutions.


Digia, a trusted partner of actors in the service sector

Digia has years of experience in different fields in cooperating with companies doing service business. Together with our customers, we develop information system solutions and services for their individual business needs that support the entire multichannel service chain from production to the everyday life of the end customer.

In addition to information system solutions, our services also cover consulting services that support the change of operating processes, developing solution models, and participating in the change implementation together with the customer.

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