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More efficient customer-centric social and healthcare services

Services must be provided more efficiently, and a lot more is expected of them.

Social and healthcare (SOTE) services are under an immense amount of pressure. Our society's ageing, increasingly urban population can no longer maintain the social and healthcare service network as it is. Services must be provided more efficiently, and a lot more is expected of them. Provision and production responsibilities are being reorganised into larger units, and private providers are taking on a more prominent role alongside public ones.

At the same time, social and healthcare customers are expecting more choice, digital self-service channels, and information about their treatment and the alternatives. Traditional care practices are being turned on their heads: we are shifting from reactive treatment to services that support proactive maintenance of individual health and wellbeing.

For all this to be possible, and for services to cover a wider area, both customer/patient data and resources must be securely available for shared use by various actors. Digitisation is key, but simply digitising old processes will not be sufficient. A SOTE overhaul will require a new way of thinking and working, and flexible IT system solutions that support new operating models.

We are helping our customers in the following areas of the SOTE sector:

Steering Operations

In order to provide more efficient social and healthcare services without compromising on quality, resources must be available and optimisable across organisational borders, whether it's a question of premises, equipment or personnel. Digia's operational steering solutions enable the flexible use of resources in accordance with customer needs.

Utilising Information

In order to develop new services or optimise the use of resources, information must be seamlessly transferred. Providers must be able to locate free resources in the region, or even elsewhere in Finland. If customers choose to use a service provider in a neighbouring region, their data must be available just as it is in their local hospital. Digia's data management solution enables customer and patient data to be utilised across organisational borders in accordance with international standards.

Developing Services

E-services will be central to the future SOTE system. Digital services are already part of our daily lives: we use the internet to search for health-related information, and a variety of apps to store and analyse health data. When provided with the right tools, individuals can take more responsibility for their own health and participate in their own treatment within official care chains. The IoT, analytics and e-service solutions will play a key role.


Digia as a partner to SOTE-sector providers

The era of mammoth systems is over: today's solutions are flexible and modular, so they can easily be developed either in separate parts or as more extensive packages. Digia has experience operating in modular multi-provider environments in several different sectors.

Digia is a reliable and independent Finnish partner to providers in the SOTE-sector. Many Finnish authorities have placed their trust in Digia's data-secure services. A strong partner network guarantees international expertise and skills drawn from SOTE solutions the world over.

Our comprehensive solution for the SOTE sector meets domestic requirements and is implemented in accordance with international standards. Our offering enables resource optimisation and the shared use of data, thereby enabling the development of customer-centric operations.

Case Kuntien Tiera

A shared tool enables wider use of service vouchers.

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