From transmitting data to enriching experiences

The telecom industry is now more competitive, more business critical and more important to consumers than ever before. Growing competition forces operators to transform and to develop new business models and added value services. Business growth is sought especially in information technology and the media industry.  

Good availability of services has to be guaranteed all the time, everywhere.

The wishes and needs of end users steer the development of new services also in B2B business. The growing amount of data increases demands for a functioning basic infrastructure and applications. Good availability of services has to be guaranteed all the time, everywhere.

Together with our customers, we at Digia generate growth to emerging consumer and enterprise needs areas beyond traditional legacy voice and data services. We have a pivotal role in helping operators expand to new business areas.


We provide comprehensive services in the following business areas:

Developing Services

Efficient utilisation of customer data is key to providing more targeted and attractive services and improved user experience.

Steering operations

Efficient resource planning ensures the quality of customer service and network capacity in places where customers use the network.

Utilizing Information

Analytics help find new customer groups, understand rapidly changing consumer behaviour, and commercialise available data. Analytics also help anticipate network capacity needs and ensure its optimal functioning. Integration enables reliable, safe, real-time utilisation of information from all available systems.


Why Digia?

Digia is a trusted partner with a broad range of services and solutions in the telecom industry. We are the experts of IoT solutions, reliability maintenance, and utilisation and commercialisation of available data. We help our customers develop business models that generate growth, enable agile operations and tighten customer relationships.

In addition to being the key outsourcing partner for businesses, we offer high-quality solutions and services, act as consultants and integrate different systems. Our partnership enables you to focus on developing your core business.

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