Trade unions and unemployment funds

Easy, flexible services for members

The recent changes in the working environment are strongly reflected in the everyday activities of trade unions and unemployment funds. Growing competition for members and the deployment of online e-service channels available 24/7 raise the need to develop service processes and added value services. The modernisation of information systems and the automation of manual work steps are welcome means for increasing the efficiency or work.


The new generation of members demands high-quality, modern, multi-channel real-time service.

Digia helps trade unions and unemployment funds improve their efficiency and services with membership management and payment systems as well as versatile multichannel electronic services. It is possible to generate new services by understanding the needs of users and utilising system data. Seamless integration enables data transfer within the large interest group network.

We help our customers in the following areas:

Developing Services

Improving member experience by developing interactive electronic systems.

Steering Operations

Efficiency brought by modern information systems and automation of case management, processes and decision making.

Utilizing Information

Efficient use of modern systems in managing versatile information and developing member-oriented services.


Why Digia?

Digia is the leading provider of member management systems for trade unions and payment appropriation systems for unemployment funds.


We have more than 15 years of experience in-depth cooperation with trade unions and unemployment funds.  Our customer relationships are long-lasting and close partnerships in the maintenance and development of their systems. We offer an extensive range of services for the efficient utilisation of systems. Our comprehensive service range also includes an election service, with an application that covers postal voting, urn voting or e-voting, or a combination of the above.


Lyyti - membership management system

Lyyti is a membership information system directed at trade unions, which allows you to take care of resource planning comprehensively both within the organisation as well as together with members and other interest groups through e-services.

Tytti - Unemployment benefit system

Tytti is an ERP system directed at unemployment funds, with which you can take care of the calculation and payment of the members’ unemployment security. It also includes an e-service for members.

Aada - Case management

Aada is a modern case management system that makes the work of the processors more efficient and the flow of information more effective, and speeds up customer service for members.

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