Case TTY

A single publication system solution with the full range of electronic tools

The TTY Foundation – which operates as the Tampere University of Technology – wanted to overhaul its publication system so that electronic tools for students and instructors could be accessed through a single user interface. Among other benefits, the solutions that Digia tailored to meet this customer's needs enable both students and instructors to work more efficiently.

mita-teimme.pngWhat we did

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  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle


One user interface, many services

The TTY Foundation decided to launch a publication system solution that would feature all the disparate electronic tools used by instructors and students. Digia's solution now provides access to all these tools through a single user interface.

The TTY Foundation – which operates as the Tampere University of Technology – decided to modernise its publication system when it became clear that the old system was nearing the end of its technical useful life. Other problems had also been identified: the electronic tools used by students and instructors were fragmented and certain functionalities were missing.

A single user interface provides users with access to all the necessary tools and information

In the first phase, users were surveyed to identify their needs, which were then compiled and analysed. Specifications were drawn up and a suitable solution was implemented, combining all the tools and information that the users need in one user interface. At the same time, electronic solutions were implemented for numerous processes that had previously required manual work.

In the early phases, this overhaul was not visible to users. Instead, the aim was to implement the system in a new environment while also seeking to maintain a familiar user experience.

In later phases, the look and content of the system, including its structures, will also be modernised. New and improved services will be introduced.

Close cooperation during the projects enabled efficient progress in this work.

Close cooperation to ensure daily efficiency for users

Digia's solutions were implemented as customised end-to-end deliveries.  Close cooperation during the projects enabled efficient progress in this work. In information system projects, it is vital to thoroughly internalise the target state envisioned by the customer and efficiently utilise the supplier's resources to achieve the desired end result. Thanks to teamwork, this was achieved excellently.

The implemented solutions also provided the university with tools that facilitate work and studies and enhance their efficiency. For instance, the system enables students to sign up for exercise groups, instructors to plan their course schedules, and the communications department to approve news bulletins. All of this has stepped up work efficiency.

After implementation, all the systems are being proactively maintained and developed further. This is very important in ensuring that the university can respond to its continuously changing environment and new user needs, both now and in the future.