Wholesale trade

From a goods market to a customer-centred marketplace of products, services and information

Thanks to several long-term customer relationships, our expertise encompasses the entire value chain of trade, from producer to end customer.

Future wholesale trade is much more than a wholesale shopping store for goods. It is a market place that offers products, services and information from a variety of operators, combined with case-specific logistical solutions. In the digital world, demand is getting more and more difficult to forecast. This requires more efficient information logistics, open information sharing and diverse analytics.

Wholesale businesses with automated, 24/7 multichannel order services will have a strong foothold in international competition. Responsible, transparent business operations are the lifeline of companies, and the traceability of products has to be ensured throughout the entire value chain.


We work in partnership with wholesale trade agencies in the following business areas:

Developing services

The multi-channel wholesale trade of the future focuses on customised customer experience with the adoption of new service models and agile development of added value services. With customized services, wholesale trade becomes part of the internal processes of the customer's business.

Steering operations

Information logistics can also fully integrate third-party product and service offerings into personalised wholesale customer service. The information system of the wholesale business steers and optimises the orders and purchases of the customer, and context-aware logistics enable the customisation of goods flows and services to customers case by case.

Utilizing information

The competitive edge of wholesale trade businesses is gained from combining automated processes and customer information, and from forecast analytics based on the combined data. A real-time view throughout the entire value chain enables cost-efficient operation and the improvement of customer experience.


Why Digia?

Digia has years of experience in cooperating with the leading retail and wholesale companies. Together with our customers, we develop data system solutions and services for their individual business needs.

Our offering includes for example the following solutions and services:

Multichannel business service development    |    enterprise architecture    |    industry-specific solutions in wholesale trade    |    maintenance and support services    |    outsourced information system services    |    information system integration and information logistics     |    ICT consulting for managers

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