Digia's key strengths

Market trends support Digia’s success 

The key trends affecting Digia’s business and the entire IT service market are digitalisation, more business-driven IT investments, and the growing importance of cloud services. These megatrends have given rise to many developmental trends that support our success. 

From experimentation to significant business 

When working at the forefront of digitalisation, new ideas and technological opportunities are first tested with small, agile pilots. These experiments seek to ensure that these ideas are both functional and appealing to customers. However, an increasing number of organisations have already progressed from experimentation to overhauling their operative business to rely on new digital operating models, services and technical innovations. And this increasingly means more business-driven targets as well. The success of development projects is not evaluated solely on the basis of technical accomplishments – business indicators are instead used to evaluate the growth and profitability they have generated. The success of such projects plays a decisive role in a company’s future success. Our industry expertise and profound understanding of our customers’ business – right down to their core processes – give us the perfect resources to help our customers achieve their objectives. 

From individual services to complete business overhauls 

As development projects that tackle digitalisation challenges shift from experiments to major business overhauls, the scope of projects widens from isolated services to a company’s entire business and value chain. Companies must also be able to form complete packages with seamless connections between their own and their partners’ services. Digia’s services and solutions seamlessly integrate front-end ‘customer experience’ services with production systems and databases. We can also create digital business enablers, in the form of platforms and the interfaces that enable the formation of their ecosystems. 

IT services from the cloud like water from the tap 

When it comes to resource, application and communications services, an increasing number of companies and organisations are shifting from their own IT infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud services provide more flexible and scalable solutions that can enable companies to save on costs and adopt new services faster. These systems are therefore easier to maintain as well. Thanks to the cloud-based IT environment, the IT departments of the future will look entirely different. Digia’s offering does not rely on traditional infrastructures – we are the natural partner for customers wishing to renew and adapt their IT environments as cloud-based services. 

Business-critical reliability and security 

New services are becoming increasingly critical for business – for companies, the public sector and authorities alike. As sales and customer service move into digital channels, disturbances or service breaks in these systems can have a direct impact on sales or even prevent customers from receiving service. The requirements for operational reliability are increasing – service providers must offer more durable and higher-performance solutions, and be able resolve unexpected disturbances 24-7. As these systems become more significant and more widely used, security also takes on increasing importance. Systems must be able to withstand intentional malicious attacks, comply with legislation, such as data protection requirements, and gain their users’ confidence. Stolen digital property cannot be recovered and, once lost, neither can a customer’s trust. Digia can ensure uninterrupted business-critical services every day of the year and every second of the day. 

Continual developments in a multi-vendor environment

A digital service is never finished and a customer experience can never be good enough. Rapidly advancing technology and changing customer preferences require the continual development of existing services and systems. Amid this slew of changing requirements, we keep our customers’ systems and services up to date with continual service development based on the best possible management methods. Services are being even more closely integrated to provide seamless customer experiences, and this often requires cooperation between a number of different organisations, which in turn increases the complexity of the development management process. If you want to operate successfully in a multi-vendor environment such as this, choosing the correct provider is becoming increasingly vital. We believe that more and more customers are seeking a partner like Digia – a partner that can also coordinate and manage the developmental efforts of the entire provider base. 

Customer experience is key 

The battle for the hearts and wallets of both consumers and corporate buyers is increasingly being fought with effortless and satisfying customer experiences. At Digia, we have a profound understanding of our customers’ needs, and also the skills to shape this understanding into appealing solutions that effortlessly meet consumers’ needs while also generating the desired business outcomes for service providers.


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