Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 29.3.2019  


What are the business segments of Digia Plc?

Digia reports on one business segment. Digia constitutes five service areas: Digia Business Connect, Digia Digital, Digia Business Platforms, Digia Financial Platforms, and Digia Customer Operations.

Digia employs over 1,100 experts in Finland and Sweden. Digia is expanding its international presence in partnership with its customers.


What is Digia’s strategy?

Digia’s growth strategy for 2016–2019 seeks to strengthen the company’s position, particularly in the growing markets for digital services, process digitalisation, and the business service sector.

We want to grow at a faster pace than the IT market and are seeking an average annual growth of 15%. Growth is being sought both organically and inorganically.

Growth will primarily be sought from the most rapidly growing areas of the traditional IT market, such as digital services and process digitalisation. We are expanding our international presence in partnership with our customers. In addition to pursuing organic growth, Digia is also actively looking for other acquisition targets that would support its strategy.

The key themes of Digia’s strategy for 2016–2019 are:

  • Digitalisation of services and processes
  • Bolstering the service business
  • Adapting our offering for selected industries
  • Deep partnership with customers
  • Expert and enthusiastic employees

In the beginning of the strategy period, the company will focus on strengthening its core business operations.


What are Digia’s financial targets?

We want to grow at faster pace than the IT market and are seeking an average annual growth of 15%. Growth is being sought both organically and inorganically.


Who are the members of Digia’s executive team?

  • Timo Levoranta, President & CEO
  • Kristiina Simola, CFO
  • Mika Kervinen, General Counsel
  • Pia Huhdanmäki, HR Director
  • Jukka Kotro, Senior Vice President, Industry solutions
  • Juhana Juppo, CTO and Senior Vice President, Horizontal Services
  • Tuomo Niemi, Senior Vice President, Financial Sector
  • Ari Rikkilä, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
  • Teemu Virtanen, Senior Vice President, Integration and Information Management
  • Harri Vepsäläinen, Senior Vice President, Digital services

Digia Executive Team


Who are the members of the Digia Board of Directors?

  • Robert Ingman, Chair of the Board
  • Martti Ala-Härkönen
  • Päivi Hokkanen
  • Seppo Ruotsalainen, Deputy Chairperson
  • Santtu Elsinen
  • Outi Taivainen

Digia’s Board of Directors 


Who are Digia’s customers?

Digia has strong industry expertise, particularly in the commercial, logistics and industrial sectors, in the public sector, and in banking and insurance.

Digia’s business divisions 


What kind of dividend does Digia pay?

Digia’s goal is to distribute at least 30% of the Group's annual result as dividends.

Dividend/share: EUR

  • 2014: EUR 0.05 per share
  • 2015: EUR 0.08 per share
  • 2016: EUR 0.08 per share
  • 2017: EUR 0.04 per share
  • 2018: EUR 0.07 per share


How much does Digia dedicate to annual product development?

In 2018, Digia has invested in R&D and product development in all of its service areas. Research and development expenses totalled EUR 6.1 million in the 2018 fiscal year (2017: EUR 5.7 m; 2015: EUR 5.8 m), representing 5.4 per cent of net sales (2017: 6.0%; 2016: 6.7%).