Annual General Meeting 2007


SYSOPENDIGIA Plc's Annual General Meeting on 28 February 2007 confirmed the company's financial statements and the group's financial statements for the financial period 1 January - 31 December 2006 and released the Board of Directors and the Managing Director from liability.


The General Meeting approved the Board's proposal that a per-share dividend of EUR 0.08, a total of EUR 1,624,985.44, be paid for the financial year 2006. The dividend shall be paid to shareholders entered in the shareholder register, maintained by Finnish Central Securities Depository Ltd., on the record date of 5 March 2007. The dividend payment date shall be 12 March 2007.

Composition of the Board of Directors

At the General Meeting, Pekka Sivonen, Kari Karvinen, Pertti Kyttälä, Matti Mujunen, Mikko Terho, Eero Makkonen and Martti Mehtälä were elected onto the Board of Directors. At the Organising Meeting held after the General Meeting, Pekka Sivonen was elected as full-time Chairman of the Board and Pertti Kyttälä was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board.

Remuneration of the Members of the Board

The General Meeting decided to pay monthly emoluments of EUR 2,000 to the Members of the Board, EUR 3,000 to the Vice Chairman of the Board and EUR 5,000 to the Chairman of the Board. In addition to these emoluments, all of the above will receive a meeting fee of EUR 400 for every meeting, including the meetings of the special committees set by the Board. None of the emoluments or fees shall be paid to the Board's full-time Chairman.