Annual report 2020

Digitalisation that makes adifference in our increasingly data-driven world

We at Digia help our customers succeed in the networked and data-intensive world. Our operations are based on high-level professional expertise, reliable solutions and long customer relationships. We know all the layers of digitalisation, from business systems to integrations, data analytics and digital services. We implement extensive end-to-end digital solutions for our customers, tackling all the layers of digitalisation.



Year 2020 in figures

Net sales

139,0 milj. eur.

Operating profit

14,1 milj. eur.

Earnings per share
0,40 euroa






An excellent year in spite of the exceptional circumstances

In spite of the unexpected changes in our business environment, we managed to safeguard the continuity of our customers’ services and our personnel’s employment, as well as to renew our strategy. Our net sales grew by 5.5% and our operating profit (EBITA) improved by 45.4%.

2020 was exceptional in many respects. The coronavirus changed our business environment in the early year, and Digia personnel spent almost the entire year working remotely. Our organisation demonstrated its strength in these exceptional times, and we have not only maintained our ability to operate but also developed our operations during the past year. In spite of the uncertain market situation, our net sales rose and our profitability improved. This gives us a good foundation for future growth.

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Main events of 2020

Digia Hub – a network of 1,800 professionals

In June 2020, we launched the Digia Hub network, which offers freelancers access to Digia’s versatile projects in a wide range of fields. The network expanded in October when Digia acquired NSD Consulting Oy and Digia Hub now offers a network of more than 1,800 professionals. Companies can acquire top-notch professionals for their own software development projects straight from this network.


Climber joins Digia – boosts the provision of data-driven services

On 15 December 2020, Digia Plc and the Swedish company Climber International AB signed an agreement whereby Digia acquired Climber’s entire share capital. The transaction was completed on 7 January 2021. After the acquisition, Digia now employs more than 300 professionals in the fields of data integration and business analytics.


Next Level strategy

On 7 February 2020, we published our Next Level strategy, which marks the next step in Digia’s growth journey. This strategy revolves around our comprehensive offering and the business benefits afforded by data. We will continue to renew our operations and strengthen selected focus areas.

Towards more diverse working life

Diversity is an aspect of Digia’s responsibility, and we want to make our workplace even more inclusive. In 2020, we joined the Inklusiiv community and organised diversity training for personnel. We are also actively involved in the Women in Tech network.


A functional community – also remotely

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the majority of our experts have been working remotely since March. Digia’s experts continued to work as usual from home, and we have been able to guarantee uninterrupted services for our customers even during these exceptional circumstances.


A responsible member of the society

During the year, we made our own contribution to society. We donated work to the value of EUR 100,000 to the winner of the Digiarvoa 2019 competition: the data-driven development project of the Finnish Red Cross, which was completed during spring 2020. The 112 Suomi app developed by Digia and the Emergency Response Centre was renewed during 2020. New features included the sending of official bulletins, which can be particularly useful during exceptional circumstances.



Strategy 2020–2022


On 7 February 2020, we published our Next Level strategy, which marks the next step in Digia’s growth journey. We will continue to renew our operations and strengthen the selected focus areas. In the strategy, we place particular emphasis on data utilisation in our customers’ services and business processes.

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Skilled personnel who are committed to the objectives of our customers are the cornerstone of all our operations. We want to be a team of top professionals who are always learning and are both highly skilled and flexible.

Culture is the ERP system of everyday life that guides our choices. Digia’s cultural principles are learning, sharing, courage and professional pride. During 2020, we continued to integrate our cultural principles into our everyday work. We will continue to develop our corporate culture and build the best and most functional workplace possible in the spirit of continual improvement

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personnel 2020personnel by location




Sustainable digitalisation that makes a difference

During 2020, we continued to develop our corporate responsibility. Digia’s responsibility is based on our own Code of Conduct, the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals, and the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) standards. However, in our changing business environment, responsibility is based above all else on the continual monitoring and improvement of our operations.

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The focal points of Digia’s responsibility

Sustainable digital value for our customers while building a functional society

Sustainable digital expertise for both our personnel and Finland as a whole

Sustainable digital life in our own work with respect for the environment



We help our customers to renew themselves digitally in many fields of business. Our skilled and experienced specialists work with our customers to create new services and working methods in long-term partnerships.

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