Registry extract

A registry extract according to the Personal Data Act (523/1999), section 10 – customer register

Registry holder

Digia Plc (business ID 0831312-4)
Atomitie 2 A
00370 Helsinki
Tel. +358 10 313 3000

Unless a separate registry extract has been published by another company in the Digia Group, Digia Plc shall maintain the person registers on behalf of Digia Plc and the other companies in the same group.

The person responsible for registry matters and the contact person

Tuija Tella
Digia Plc
Atomitie 2 A, 00370 Helsinki
Tel. +358 40 525 5896
Email: tuija.tella[a]

Register name

The customer information system of Digia Plc

Purpose of use of the register

Personal data will be processed for the purposes of customer communications, other customer relationship maintenance, management and development purposes, analysis, and the compilation of statistics. The customer information in the register can be used for the direct advertising, distance selling or other direct marketing, opinion polls, market research, or other comparable addressed deliveries by the registry holder and other companies in the same group.

Basis of maintaining the register

Personal data shall be processed based on a customer relationship or some other appropriate connection.

The information on the register

The registers can contain the following information: the registered person’s name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, employer and duties. Information on the employer and/or community of the registered person with contact information, the registered person’s duties, department, interests, marketing bans, job descriptions and roles in the organisation, as well as the customer’s usage history. Information on discussions with the registered person and customer feedback, completed online forms, registrations and participation in events, as well as newsletter subscriptions.

Regulatory information sources

Personal data shall be collected from the registered persons themselves, and based on information revealed in connection with registration for services and their use. Personal data can be collected and existing data updated based on the person registers of subcontractors.

Disclosing information

Digia Plc can disclose personal data in the register within the limits permitted and obliged by the valid legislation. Information can be transmitted outside the EU or EEA within the limits set by the Personal Data Act. Information can also be disclosed to the authorities in legally mandated cases.

Security of the register

The electronic customer register has been protected by passwords, and the user rights of persons using the register have been limited based on the users’ duties within Digia companies and with regard to their subcontractors. The register is backed up regularly.

Right to access, prohibit and rectify

In accordance with section 26 of the Personal Data Act, registered persons have the right to access the data concerning them that has been recorded in the person register. The access request must be submitted in writing and with a signature to the following address: Digia Plc, Tuija Tella, Atomitie 2, 00370 Helsinki. The access request can also be made in person at the address mentioned above.

Registered persons have the right to prohibit Digia from processing information concerning them for the purposes of direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing, as well as market research and opinion polls. The prohibition must be issued by letter and addressed to the person in charge of the registry. 

The registry holder shall rectify, remove or supplement any personal data in the person register that is erroneous, unnecessary, deficient or obsolete for the purposes of processing, either on its own initiative or upon the registered person’s request. In order to implement the right to access and rectify the data, the person in charge of registry must be contacted by letter.

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