Business systems

Stable and flexible platform for your business

The day-to-day operations of companies and organisations rely on business systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Business systems take care of the core processes of organisations and support employees in their daily work, which is why both operational reliability and usability are crucial.

Business systems' role in developing digital business is growing. They serve as platforms on which you can develop new digital services and expand partner network. Systems have a strong impact on the operability of services on the customer interface, and thus the overall customer experience.

We implement systems for our customers that enable the flexible development of business and customer experience and safeguard the functionality of business critical processes.


Digia's solutions

When selecting system solutions to support business operations, it’s important for the company to consider not only its current needs, but also future trends. A modular and scalable system ensures that it will keep up with your company through all stages of development – cost-effectively. 

Whether it’s an ERP system that runs core corporate processes, a XRM system that boosts the efficiency of sales and customer service, or financial management, the solutions provided by Digia get the underlying enablers of your business into shape. We provide our solutions from the environment preferred by the customer.


Digia Enterprise – A versatile ERP solution to support your evolving business

Digia Enterprise is a scalable Finnish ERP solution that has been developed specifically for the needs of Finnish companies. Digia Enterprise provides flexible support to your business development in its different phases.

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Digia Financial Solutions – A solution tailored for the financial sector

Digia Financial Systems is one of the most extensive system packages for the financial sector in the Nordic countries. It consists of modules that form an entity for major and smaller operators that complies with their business operation needs.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an end-to-end business solution from a single cloud, packaged as sales, service, marketing and ERP applications. The solution enables building and expanding the system at a pace and sequence suitable for the company.

As part of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 -offering we provide Dynamics 365 Business Central, a user-friendly financial and production management system developed for medium-sized and growing companies.

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Digia Logistics – ERP system for logistics and forwarding companies

Digia Logistics is an ERP system designed for the needs of international logistics and forwarding companies. Thanks to its modular design, Digia Logistics can be scaled according to your business needs and includes only functions essential for you.

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NetSuite is a genuinely cloud-based ERP system that is scalable to the international business needs. Its modularity allows you to build the right solution for your business.

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