Digia ProDiary

A digital diary for industrial needs

Digia ProDiary is a secure and easy-to-use digital shift diary, which enhances the efficiency of information exchange and reporting in production.

Digia ProDiary can be efficiently combined with production reporting features. The application can also be integrated into a manufacturing execution system, further improving the flow and utilisation of information within your organisation.

Digia ProDiary includes the most commonly used processes in the sector. As such, an unaltered deployment can be completed in just a few days. The application can be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation.



Digia ProDiary offers

Smoother information flow

Digia ProDiary boosts the efficiency of communication between shifts by sharing information such as faults that have arisen during the shift, corrective measures and shift lists.

Supporting occupational safety

Digia ProDiary enables you to communicate equipment faults and any hazards to all of the users or target such communications to specific processes.

Help for production planning

Digia ProDiary’s production status view shows what is being produced, when and on which machine.



  • Three-day and seven-day views provide a rapid overview of events on the line.
  • The comprehensive search function enables information on faults and corrective measures to be fetched quickly.
  • The shift substitution calendar keeps everyone informed of absentees and substitutes.
  • Integration into an enterprise resource planning system makes it easier to log faults or inventory reservations.
  • Entries in the diary can be used to manage locking, specify the people responsible and the duration.
  • The production status view helps to select the correct time to clean the machines and conduct the correct type of cleaning before running the next batch.