Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supporting your business growth

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a user-friendly financial and production management system developed for medium-sized and growing companies.

Business Central helps you to handle administrative tasks quickly and easily, allowing you to concentrate on the bigger picture, while your team can focus on looking after customers.

Digia as your partner

Different sectors have their unique challenges that require years of experience. Our strength is our deep understanding of industries, particularly manufacturing, service businesses and wholesale trade.

By specialising in the specific requirements of certain industries, we are able to offer our customers the optimal solutions that truly meet their companies’ needs. Our industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) system contains features designed for standard industry processes.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will get:

  • a system that is continuously developed and adaptable for a wide range of needs
  • a user-friendly and familiar tool for managing daily functions
  • a stable and risk-free solution with a guaranteed future
  • an ERP system compatible with Microsoft software
  • versatile possibilities for implementing a wide range of business models
  • a global system and partner network

Wide industry know-how at your service:

Industry and project manufacturing

Industry and project manufacturing involve a number of processes whose timeliness is relevant, for example, for product lead times and the economic efficiency of production.

The functionalities of the Business Central system allow you to track what is happening in production and projects, and what is next in the rules of procedure. An up-to-date view of production helps you stay on schedule, on top of costs and other agreed goals.

Service and project business

Efficient financial and resource management plays a key role in the service business. Ideal load rate of resources is relevant for the company’s performance, service level and project turnaround.

Business Central facilitates and accelerates the collection of data on actual performance as well as improves tracking and forecasting. It also provides a up-to-date view of resource tracking and offers diversified financial reporting. Access to up-to-date information makes it possible to act quickly in situations requiring change.

Import and wholesale

Large numbers of items and the service level requirements of customers impose special requirements on operators in the trade sector.

Business Central allows you to track profitability, make purchases in a timely manner and optimise inventory. Automation of routines and electronic connections to customers and partners are also easily managed, improving profitability. Integrating e-commerce into the Business Central system enhances sales, reduces errors and improves the customer experience.

Locking and security sector 

Resource management is relevant for the company’s performance, service level and work turnaround. Good enterprise resource management facilitates tendering and collecting data on actual performance, speeds up invoicing and improves tracking.

D365 Security is a solution based on Business Central that incorporates best practices of the locking and security sector taken into account in cooperation with industry operators.

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