Data analysis

Meaningful information for better decision-making

A changing business environment requires sectoral expertise and relevant information.

We at Digia combine our expertise in ERP, e-commerce and analytics. With our help, you can process information in support of daily decision-making.

Systematic collection and analysis of information enable better-informed decisions, from managing an entire business to single customer encounters and maintenance of optimised devices – can be automated on information-driven basis.

Analytics will make the operation of the whole organisation more efficient.

  • Quick reaction and prediction of the future
  • Support for decisions, and planning and developing the business
  • New outlook on personnel management
  • Efficient allocation of resources
  • Identification of the cornerstones of success and a prediction of the future
  • Long-term and profitable customer relationships with a comprehensive approach
  • Analysis of the effects of procedures

We implement our analytics solutions:

For all data

We collect and refine data analytics to form an integrated service automatically and in real-time, where needed.

Easily accessible from the cloud

We provide on-premise and cloud service solutions. We use the secure, high-availability Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure environments as cloud platforms.


Using tested technologies

We use leading technologies, such as Microsoft Power BI, Amazon Quicksight and Qlik products, when developing our visualisation and self-service analytics.

Analysing and visualising

We produce predictive analyses and visualisation from data. Visualisations can also be embedded in other systems, or warning messages can be sent on the basis of deviations.

Focusing on the user experience

We design our analytics tools to be clear and intuitive, to ensure the best user experience.


Throughout the whole life cycle

We provide development, maintenance and monitoring to our solutions, 24/7 if necessary.

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