Digital services

Succesful and data-driven digital services

Digitality is an inseparable part of daily life. We are used to the fact that almost everything can be managed online. For companies this means a tremendous possibility: thanks to digital channels it is easier to reach both current and new audiences. But then, competition can be grim. The user experience of services must be superior to be a success among customers.

A digital service that does not extend to an organisation’s core processes is merely surface digitalisation – and that is not worth investing in. To ensure that the service works adequately, the creation of an attractive digital service requires seamless integration between the consumer interface and the company’s operative systems.

Digital services today can act as a platform for new kinds of communities, sharing services or cooperation between officials, for example. When services are designed as part of the company’s most important operations and core processes, they can help, for example, to increase sales, to improve customer satisfaction and to act more efficiently. Digital services are often about digitalising the whole business and taking it online.

Our digital services include e-commerce, mobile applications, online services, and e-service solutions. Our data-driven service implementations are based on customer understanding and yield proven results.


Designing digital services

Digital services have no value in themselves – all digital development should be based on carefully considered business objectives and benefits. For example, unless a solution will yield demonstrable business-related benefits, it is not worth simply following in others’ footsteps and creating a new mobile app or e-service channel.

When planning digital services, the following can be used as a simple rule of thumb:



Increasing sales

New channels will make shopping easier, help you reach brand-new customers, and enable more effective cross and additional sales.

Customer satisfaction

When service development is based on customer understanding, the result is satisfied users and loyal long-term customers.


Digital tools will help you boost the efficiency of your processes, automate manual work stages, and help you handle them more intelligently.


Our digital services offering



Modern e-commerce is all about a seamless service experience designed around the customer.

The aim is to manage customer encounters, service processes and the entire value chain online, while bringing the service provider into the customers' purchasing process at the earliest possible stage.

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Product information management

Customers are demanding more accurate, timely and relevant information about products.

Centralised product information management guarantees the accurate and timely supply of products, enabling you to stand out through a superior customer experience via every sales channel.

Well-functioning, one-stop product information management will also streamline your organisation's internal processes.

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Mobile services

Mobile applications are tools for daily work, communication and transaction – they are part of digital daily life.

We will provide easy and smart mobile access to your company's core services. We offer off-the-shelf applications and tailored mobile solutions. We also help with the planning and implementation of overall mobility.


Online services

A functional and impressive online service is one of your organisation’s calling cards. Whether it’s an extensive website or a digital service channel, it should always revolve around user-centric design and developing your business.

We will work with you to plan and implement a variety of effective, customer-centric online services and e-service solutions based on modern technologies.

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