From individual solutions towards a multichannel network business ecosystem

E-commerce is powered by the company’s functions, processes and back-end systems – whether in the case of deliveries, returns, payments, account management, product data management or other e-commerce content. 

Instead of e-commerce, we should in fact speak about online business, which covers not only the e-commerce platform, but also other systems and processes underlying the purchase transaction.

An e-commerce project doesn’t set out to implement a single technical solution – instead, we focus on the project from the perspective of end-to-end business digitalisation. By taking all aspects of business operations and customer needs into consideration, we can develop online business comprehensively while at the same time creating a basis for the digital business of the company far into the future.


Digia as e-commerce solution provider

We design captivating next-generation digital customer experiences

A strongly service design-oriented approach ensures web store usability. After carefully assessing customer needs, we can design the service to ensure that it’s easy to use and doesn’t alienate the shopper. A user-oriented web store also provides a foundation for business growth.

We steer digital business smartly and effectively

To derive the maximum benefits from online business, customer data should be utilised extensively in its development. Analytics will enable you to identify development focuses and means of competition – as well as assist you in both measuring marketing effectiveness and optimising conversions.

We build e-commerce solutions that enable multichannel operations

An effective web store isn’t just about surface details – it also takes background processes into consideration. A beautiful user interface won’t impress a customer if their purchase transaction fails due to incorrect stock information or problems in the ordering process. Thus, ERP and integrations, for example, are important enablers for powering up effective and smooth e-commerce. At its best, the development of the entire online business makes it possible to build an ecosystem for the company – and the customers reap the benefits.

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