Digital work environments


Efficient knowledge work, information sharing and cooperation

A functional digital environment helps employees to interact smoothly and improves the efficiency of knowledge work and customer service. It also enables collaborative knowledge work, knowledge sharing and internal communications – including on mobile devices.

We will help you to build an effective intranet or electronic desktop, which is liked by its users.

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We provide solutions for a range of needs:

Communicative intranet

Streamline your organisation's internal information flow and ensure that all staff have access to all information, regardless of the time, place or device.

Digital Workdesk

Our digital desktop is your gateway to efficient knowledge work and team interaction. Bring together your organisation's tools and documents, and ensure that their processing, distribution and archiving comply with agreed practices.

Collaborative intranet

A collaborative intranet is a universal forum that provides your staff with a network for discussion, interaction and building a positive team spirit. It will enable you to share ideas, insights and help across organisational boundaries, regardless of hierarchies.

We implement digital work environments

Focusing on the user experience

We design work environments together with the customer and end-users, to guarantee the best possible user experience.

In line with your brand

Working environments can be customised to fit your corporate identity and needs, just as you prefer.


Working environments run on a wide range of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and workstations.

Integrated approach

Integrations will enable your work environments to provide users with personalised information and services, based on your operational systems and data warehouses.

Easily accessible from the cloud

By building work environments via trusted cloud services – no separate IT investments are needed. A cloud service platform will also enable the flexible and managed growth of the service.

Using best technologies

We implement work environments on leading workplace collaboration and information management platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365 and M-Files.

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