From individual solutions towards a multichannel network business ecosystem

A modern webstore serves customers in a multi-channel manner – visiting a brick-and-mortar store and its online equivalent are part of a seamless experience. At its best, a multi-channel online service smoothly integrates the back-end systems, purchase and delivery chains, and processes. As a partner, Digia manages all this for you. Is it time to take your webstore to the next level?


Holiday starts with a click – online service must keep up with the customer


Holiday Club Resorts Oy implemented a webstore revamp with Digia, the purpose of which was to make the webstore faster, more versatile and more reliable.

“We had a lot of options and a long tendering process. We found that the package presented by Digia was the most in line with the things that we really want. The starting point was that we needed a good Episerver supplier”, says Anne Männistö, eCommerce Manager, Holiday Club Resorts Oy.



We needed a modern webstore that enables continuous development in the future as well 

Anne Männistö, eCommerce Manager, Holiday Club Resorts Oy



Woikoski renewed its entire business


Woikoski worked with Digia on a giant project to renew the company’s entire operations, including a new customer portal and webstore using Magento software.

“Woikoski and Digia’s professionals sat around the same table throughout the project, and everyone had a strong desire to create a good overall package. If we hadn’t implemented this project, the company wouldn’t have had much time left”, says Clas Palmberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Oy Woikoski Ab.


Building production facilities is child’s play compared to this

Sari Palmberg, CEO of Woikoski 


Etra invests in a genuinely customer-oriented multi-channel approach


Etra has made determined progress along its digitalisation pathway. The company has not fallen into the trap of executing several small, disjointed projects. Instead, it has digitalised in a way that is genuinely beneficial to the core business, including a webstore revamp.

Among the enablers of efficient operations are integrations that combine the enterprise resource planning system with the other systems that the company uses, as well as the systems used by customers and suppliers.



Thanks to digital development, orders can be delivered rapidly from our modern, automated central warehouse, the product details and customer register are up-to-date on the enterprise resource planning system, and customers can easily access their order histories

Mikael Etola, CEO, Etola Group


Digia as e-commerce solution provider

We design next-generation digital customer experiences

A strongly service design-oriented approach ensures webstore usability. After carefully assessing customer needs, we can design the service to ensure that it’s easy to use and supports the shopper towards a purchase decision.

A user-oriented webstore also provides a foundation for business growth.

Read more about our service design expertise

We steer digital business effectively

To derive the maximum benefits from online business, customer data should be utilised extensively in its development.

Analytics will enable you to identify development focuses and means of competition – as well as assist you in both measuring marketing effectiveness and optimising conversions.

Read more about our analytics expertise

We build multi-channel consumer and B2B e-commerce solutions

An effective webstore isn’t just about surface details – it also takes background processes into consideration. A beautiful user interface won’t impress a customer if their purchase fails due to incorrect stock information or problems in the ordering process. Thus, ERP and integrations, for example, are the cornerstones of effective and smooth e-commerce.

We put together an information package on how to build an effective webstore. Our starting point for development is that you have to consider all the channels used by customers, leading to a multi-channel customer experience.

Check out the information package

We boost your business with product information management

Customers are demanding more accurate, timely and relevant information about products. Centralised product information management guarantees the timely supply of products, enabling you to stand out through a superior customer experience via every sales channel.

We will carry out every stage of the process: design and planning, implementation, deployment and maintenance, integration into the necessary systems, and user training.

Read more about product information management here

We implement mobile solutions for buying and selling

Customers have gone mobile, which means your business has gone mobile. Mobile is no longer an additional service – it is now usually your customers’ primary channel to you. With its customer-oriented implementation, Digia helps ensure that you reach your customers and that your business gains the full benefits mobile services offer.

We have strong expertise in building mobile applications – even you probably have an app we built in your pocket. 

Learn more about our mobile services

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