Electronic services

Better service, benefiting both you and your customers

User-designed e-service solutions will provide your customers with better service-interaction experiences when using e-transactions and online services.

By digitalising your services, you can also boost your own operations, streamline your processes and develop your customer management, while shortening processing and turnaround times.

We will help you to build impactful e-services that get results and impress your customers.

Our e-services and case management customers:

We implement e-services:

Focusing on the user experience

We design e-services together with our customers and end-users, to ensure a clear and transparent user experience.


Our e-service solutions are secure and comply with current legislation.

Using tested technologies

We use proven technologies, such as EPiServer, Liferay, .NET and SharePoint.

Enabling flexibility

Our services are quickly and reliably available to users on an everyday basis. We also enable high-quality customer service and a higher self-service level.

tehosFor enhanced information processing

Automation of various process steps enables faster and more efficient information processing, allowing the redeployment of employees to other tasks.


Renewing operational models

We will help you to map your current situation and guide your business in a more customer-oriented direction.

You will be able to offer services that benefits both you and your customers

Service access improvement

The extra time of staff can be used for higher added value expertise and customer service tasks

Flexibility of service and the increased level of self-service improve the quality and effectiveness of customer service


The reformation of service processes and methods increase the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of business operations



Increased transparency leads to a more diverse and comprehensive view of the operations of the service provider organisation

Automation and development of handling and case management shortens the processing time of service cases

Customers have a better view to service processes and the status of their service request handling

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