Manufacturing execution system

Production management provides agile movement of information, improving traceability and efficiency throughout the production chain

Is the correct raw material on the right production line at the right time? Where do the raw materials come from? Has the order been delivered to the customer? Does the product have a factory defect and at which point in the process was it introduced?

A Manufacturing Execution System offers tools for the monitoring and management of production and developing manufacturing processes and making them uniform and efficient.

As delivery times become shorter and batch sizes smaller, it is more critical than ever that information is passed seamlessly in the manufacturing chain, and that reliable information on the various parts of the production chain and the functionality of the entity is available to various parties. Production must be monitored in real time, and it must be possible to react quickly to changes in the production chain. 

A traditional ERP solution cannot always keep up in this kind of a situation, and it is necessary to have a steering system that functions in demanding production conditions and is targeted at the special needs of production.

An efficient Manufacturing Execution System (MES) combines production management and data collection seamlessly with other data systems in a company. With the help of the system, you manage the operative functions of production, take care of the data collection process of production data, create and maintain batch tracking and traceability chain for production material flows, and pass information between enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) and industrial automation systems.


A functional and directional Manufacturing Execution System 

Increases continuity and reliability in operation

The system will verify that the agreed operating models are followed, leading to operational continuity and uniform quality. Legal requirements are also followed.

Increases transparency and information, and further also motivation

With the help of the MES system, employees will have a better view of their work and how their work is related to operation as a whole.

Is easy-to-use and guarantees smooth working

An information system must be adaptable to the most suitable terminal devices in a production environment.


Digia as your company’s enterprise resource planning partner

Digia has solid experience in building ERP systems for many important Finnish companies in the food and manufacturing industry, and thereby a profound understanding of the customers’ production processes and operating methods. Built on the Microsoft technology platform and consisting of various modules, the Digia MES solution is efficient, easy-to-use and easily expandable and customised to meet the customer’s needs.

Learn more about Digia’s MES system  

With the help of an efficient MES system you can: 

  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of work, processes and production capacity
  • Achieve clear cost savings by optimising production structures
  • Develop the quality and flexibility of operation
  • Reduce material and product waste and quality defects
  • Improve the traceability of materials and the transparency of the delivery chain
  • Detect and manage any disruptions in production
  • Manage operations on the basis of information instead of guessing

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