Digia Financial Systems

The foundation for your business 

A substantial and stable pension insurance company and a start-up banking operator have very different needs as for their information systems. The Digia Financial Systems (DiFS) product range covers them all. 

Digia Financial Systems is one of the most extensive system packages for the financial sector in the Nordic countries. It consists of modules that form an entity for major and smaller operators that complies with their business operation needs.

A uniform system package ensures the continuity and reliability of basic processes. When you know that your back is covered, you can rely on smooth everyday operation and focus on developing your core business. 


Why is Digia Financial Systems the choice of leading operators in the financial sector:


Your guide in the jungle of Finnish and European regulations

The system is developed in Finland while taking Finnish customers and reporting to officials into account. We know how to meet regulation requirements – in such a way that you will also be prepared when you are affected by the next round of regulatory changes.

Scalable system portfolio to support your business

DiFS consists of modules to meet the needs of various operators of various sizes. As your business develops, the DiFS system package will develop with you and provide a stable foundation on which to build new.

Ready to meet your challenges

The requirements of the operating environment keep changing rapidly. A broad customer base and active user workgroups guarantee that various market changes and regulatory changes will be taken into account in system development. Examples of recent development include T2S, MiFiD, UCITS, AiMFD, FATCA/DAC2, transaction taxation and a full proxy asset management VAT.

One system is enough

DiFS also covers the needs of large operators. You do not need several systems and the management of a multi-supplier environment that results from them.


Solutions for all operators in the financial sector

The product range contains solutions for the needs of, for example, fund management companies , investment service companies, asset managers, stockbrokers, institutions that manage their own portfolios and banks. 


Depending on your needs, your DiFS solution can incorporate the following modules:

  • Portfolio Manager. At the core of the product family is a system designed for professional portfolio management, which includes a wide range of investment instruments and functions.
  • Fund Manager. Our fund management module can also incorporate an international fund transfer agency service.
  • Asset Manager. Our asset management module is designed for monitoring and reporting on your risks and the performance of your assets.
  • Trade & Order Manager. For keeping track of your securities trading and customer orders.
  • Accounts & Loans. For managing your accounts, deposits, and loans.
  • NAV. For calculating the value of your funds.
  • Swift Engine.
  • Market Data Manager
  • Corporate Actions Manager
  • Settlement Manager
  • Selective Access Rights
  • Interface Services
  • Fee Manager
  • Report Manager
  • General Ledger
  • Reallocator
  • Authority Reporting
  • MiFiD Manager
  • Branch Office Sales Tool

Three ways to implement the DiFS system


DiFS products for yourself

The traditional delivery model in which the software is installed for the customer on the basis of a licence.

DiFS products as a service (SaaS)

Instead of installing a server into a company’s own data centre, time can be acquired for using servers at a large, shared data centre as needed. The benefits of the model include flexible scalability, quick implementation and reliability.

You can outsource the maintenance of basic processes to Digia

Besides the Saas model, we offer an opportunity to outsource the support services of application management (AMS). The complete service includes the service desk operations. The model can also be expanded to cover the outsourcing of all support processes of business operations, in which case Digia will be responsible for the operation of the system on behalf of the customer.


DiFS in figures

  • More than 1,000,000 granted loans
  • More than 100,000,000 processed portfolio transactions
  • More than EUR 24 billion in assets being managed in reserves
  • More than 5,000 bank employees as users
  • 33% of Finnish pension insurance contributions transmitted
  • Installations in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
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