Digia Enterprise

A versatile Finnish ERP and financial management system


Digia Enterprise is ready for the IoT-world.

Digia Enterprise is an ERP system created as a result of Finnish product development and service design.

Digia Enterprise is an ERP system for the whole organisation; it offers its users flexibility, the ability to react faster, and real-time information both at the office and on the road through automation and integrations. Functions, processes and operating methods centralised in the Digia Enterprise system as event chains make an efficient control of the delivery chain possible. The solution is based on uniform data, and it makes it possible to report cause-and-effect information in order to support strategic decisions quickly and easily using a productised management system.

Why should you learn more about the Digia Enterprise ERP system?

In a cloud service, up-to-date information is always available

With Digia’s ERP system, the company’s processes operate together, enabling effective control of the production chain in a centralised business. The real-time flow of information between different departments becomes easier, information processing is faster and overlapping work phases are removed. With the easy-to-use system, you can follow different event chains in real time in areas such as customer relationship management, production, projects and financial administration.

Digital service channels and their business models

Taking advantage of Digia EnterpriseWeb enables the deployment of various internal and external electronic services. Digia EnterpriseWeb has been integrated into the Digia Enterprise ERP system by sharing information in real time. It makes using the information content and functions of the whole ERP system possible as a part of the production of electronic services. Through automation, you can improve features such as services in online stores, as well as achieve savings.

Scales to your company’s needs

You do not need to deploy all functions at once; you can activate additional functions as your company grows and its operations expand. Depending on what the company needs, specific functionalities required of the Digia Enterprise system can be used. Several additional features can be deployed, such as mobile applications and solutions, reporting and analysis tools, and customs clearance, forwarding, transport and logistics extensions. The special needs of different industries have been taken into account in designing the distribution network structure and sales, for example, as well as routing and manufacturing lots.

Understanding business needs is a service

Our numerous customers over a period of more than 20 years have improved our understanding of their special needs as businesses in changing operating environments.

Why Digia?

We have over 20 years of experience in ERP deliveries and an understanding of different kinds of business through our more than 200 ERP customers – including your own day-to-day work. The service manager that is appointed for you, our customer services, and our training team will together work with you to ensure that everyday life with the Digia Enterprise ERP system goes smoothly.

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