Digia iSuite

A customer-oriented integration platform with easy deployment and integration implementation through configuration


When the company uses several different systems, you need an integration platform that allows you to manage and monitor the messages and information moving between the systems. Often, integration is also needed between your own systems and those of your business partners.

Rapid to deploy, easy to monitor.

With the Digia iSuite integration platform, you can take control of your business critical interfaces quickly without a massive deployment project. Digia iSuite is based on the idea that it must be possible to build integrations by configuration, not by coding. In fact, our implementations usually do not require any programming at all.

Digia iSuite offers the following essential functions and user interfaces:

  • messaging configuration, monitoring and archiving
  • monitoring and reporting the deficiencies in material
  • acknowledgement handling, alarms and resending

Thanks to Digia iSuite’s functions, interfaces can be implemented quickly and monitored easily,
and the exception handling is largely automatic.

Benefits of Digia iSuite:

  • A widely used solution, tested in critical environments, and based on years of product development and several customer projects
  • Can be deployed without further development
  • Available either installed in your own environment or as a service (licence or monthly fee)
  • Easy and simple browser-based interface for message monitoring
  • Enables searching the message archive and showing alarms for data streams that do not have any traffic contrary to expectations
  • Effortless creation of summary reports of the messages handled
  • Versatile alarm functions and visibility for problem situations in message handling

Digia iSuite Client

In addition to the Digia iSuite server software, we also offer a small Digia iSuite Client component suitable for purposes such as geographically distributed environments, like offices and mobile device integration.

In distributed environments, the Digia iSuite Client connects to local devices and systems, which makes it possible to run the services locally. Digia iSuite Client software installed in different environments can be monitored and updated by remote access.

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