Digia Ote

The market-leading solution for providing mobile access to services

In today’s increasingly digital world, people expect to be able to access services wherever, whenever, and on any device. Digia Ote is a family of products that provide easy and smart mobile access to organisations’ core services.

Digia Ote – the market-leading solution for providing mobile access to services

Examples of underlying data sets:
ERP, WMS, CRM, product database, sales system, financial system, reporting systems, financial management


Digia Ote mobile makes everyone's job easier

Ote for Managers
Ensures that a real-time overview of the business is near at hand.

Ote for Sellers
Mobilises smooth and paperless sales and customer service.

Ote for Customers
Enables customer self-service and orders.


Ote for Warehousing
Includes features for reception, shelving, collection, delivery and inventory.

Ote for Production
Brings efficiency to production logging and monitoring.

Ote for Maintenance
Brings maintenance calls and notifications, location information management and spare parts management into the field.

Ote for Human Resources
Enables work calls, mobile hour logging and job satisfaction measurements.

Digia Ote mobile services are connected by an easy-to-use user interface that functions on all devices, designed together with the users.

Its services gain their intelligence from the systems running in the company and the information found there.
Digia Ote is a way to mobilise the company's services and processes.

Digia Ote guarantees that your services run smoothly


For all kinds of users

The applications have been developed in cooperation with users to make their work and daily routines easier.

In harmony with your organisation’s systems

The applications can be integrated with background systems so that you can incorporate your business intelligence into all your services.

Cost-effectively at all times

The same service can be accessed via all devices and platforms.

Adapting to your needs

The service can be scaled according to your business’s development, across your entire organisation, and for all your stakeholder groups.


See the benefits on a daily basis

Three flexible ways forward


Provide mobile access to your services using our ready-made Digia Ote applications.


Use the Digia Ote platform to develop personalised services.


Maximise the benefits of mobile services with the help of our service map.

Read more about our service map


Key specifications

  • Family of products for providing mobile access to services using Qt technology
  • The products run on the most common Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms and on different devices.
  • The products can be branded, configured, and scaled according to the customer’s needs
  • Safe, modern, high-performance way to provide mobile access to services.

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