Digia Tempus (WFM)

Greater employee well-being and efficiency through modern shift planning

Flexible modules

Tempus WFM works the way companies need it to work. You can select the best modules for your company or choose all six. Additional Tempus modules can be flexibly added later on. It is also easy to link Tempus WFM to company's existing systems safely. Pick and choose the modules you really need.

Optimize and forecast

Digia Tempus Planner offers forecasting and optimization tools that clearly improve your company's long term planning and free managers' time to customer service. With Tempus Planner companies are able to reduce overtime while maintaining optimal staffing levels. You have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Works with mobiles, tablets and pc's

Tempus WFM frees managers from the back office by providing all the actions and information to their smartphones and tablets. Managers and employees are able to use the Tempus WFM modules at the workplace as well as at home. Quick, easy and cost effective to use.



Tempus WFM utilises necessary historical information for accurate forecasts and efficient schedule planning. It helps your company to be more transparent and follow the company culture and rules.


Tempus WFM offers efficient tools for:

  • Automated and optimised shift planning
  • Flexible schedule creation and editing
  • Administration of shift changes and employee preferences
  • Sending notice of additional shifts for immediate pick-up
  • Task management both on-site and remote on the move
  • Time and attendance


Six modules that work together or independently - depending on your needs

Tempus modules

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