Comprehensive solutions based on Microsoft technologies

Digia’s Microsoft business operations have achieved an important position on the domestic market with their references and expertise as well as high quality. Characteristic features of the business operations include especially agility and the ability to react to the customer’s changing needs.

Our Microsoft services include:

  • Digitalisation of enterprise resource planning and processes
  • Analytics and information-based management
  • Development of external and internal communications
  • Data flow management and the Internet of Things
  • Customer information management
  • Transforming the business into cloud and mobile solutions
  • Bespoke solutions

Our customers include especially parties operating in the sectors of energy, services, trade, insurance and public administration. We aim to find ready-made solutions for the business opportunities that our customers have identified and to actively deepen our understanding of the business of our customers.

In the future, solutions are delivered as services at a fixed monthly fee, and the customers have a mobile and digital business. All this is made possible by the cloud-based global ability to provide services regardless of the time or place.

Our Microsoft portfolio includes Azure, BizTalk, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, MDS, .NET, Office365, SharePoint, and Microsoft’s analytics tools.

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