Microsoft CRM

Customer relationship management


Solution for more efficient marketing and sales,
and better customer service

Customers’ daily routines have been transformed by the digital revolution. Services and channels have become increasingly fragmented, and ensuring a good customer experience and delivering on the customer promise in all channels is challenging. Shared understanding of customers’ needs ensures that your organisation does the right things at the right time. CRM allows you to provide your customers with timely, personal service and therefore to improve your relationships with your customers.

Better customer relationships and efficiency

Greater performance

Faster and more personal services thanks to constant access to all customer data.

Seamless customer relationships

The fact that everyone has the same information and understanding of a customer’s situation ensures the best possible service and the ability to respond to signals from customers.

Competitiveness from customer relations

Get more information to support your business decisions while improving your customer relations.

We develop and support operations with modern systems.

  • Supporting customer relationship management, sales, marketing, customer service and self-service processes
  • Transparency for customer relationships as a whole
  • Enriching and sharing customer understanding
  • Developing the customer experience
  • Supporting mobile work
  • Developing the quality of customer information
  • Increasing the accurate predictability of sales
  • Improving the quality of customer encounters
  • Supporting real-time, relevant communications in customer work
  • Analysing data to support rapid decisions and long-term planning
  • Marketing automation, multi-channel marketing
  • Social customer work, taking advantage of social media
  • Online customer service

We proceed according to your timescale and needs.

We develop the solution according to your needs flexibly and in stages, and help you build profitable and growing relationships with your customers. We also give you access to other solutions for improving internal efficiency and developing your services.

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