Microsoft Dynamics AX

Supporting business growth


Solution for developing business processes, making them more efficient and improving the flow of information

More and more companies want sector-specific characteristics in productised off-the-shelf software. They want to deploy solutions quickly and safely without difficult and expensive tailoring.

The Dynamics AX ERP system is a comprehensive solution for developing the business of a modern, growing company that is seeking international growth. With its comprehensive features, you can automate and standardise financial issues, customer and interest group relationships, business services, and HR issues as well as production and delivery chain management better than ever.


Sector-specific vertical solutions take the special requirements of your sector into account.

Making work more efficient

Your employees can use versatile and flexible tools to function more efficiently, base decisions on real-time information and focus on achieving their goals.

A tailored solution

Dynamics AX consists of different modules, from which your company can compile a solution that best fits its needs.

Growing and changing with you.

Dynamics AX has been designed to support future challenges and grow with the business. Adding new functionalities and companies as the needs change is fast and cost-effective.

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