Product information management 

Manage your product information more easily

Customers are demanding more accurate, timely and relevant information on products.

Centralised product information management guarantees the accurate and timely supply of products, enabling you to stand out through a superior customer experience via every sales channel.

Well-functioning, one-stop product information management will also streamline your organisation's internal processes.

We implement product information management solutions:

usage needs   According to usage needs

Updated product information, where you need it most. Centralised product information management allows you to gather information from various sources, and classify, enrich and distribute it to all of the systems and channels you need.

 ikoni päätelaite  In every channel

With our help, you can ensure that your product information is kept up to date and available through all channels. This maintains an integrated customer experience.

integrated   Integrated approach

We will integrate our product data management solution with your organisation's data sources and publishing systems. This will ensure that product information is up to date.

leading technologies   Leading technologies

We offer the leading Akeneo and inRiver products as product information management solutions.

tehostaminen   Enhancing processes

Because all product information can be found in one place, centralised product information management frees up time for sales, marketing and business development. This will streamline your organisation's internal processes and get products to market faster.

seamlessly  Seamlessly

Product information management complements the all-channel service experience, and helps to create a unified story behind a product.

The three steps of product information management:

1. Mapping

What kind of product information does your organisation produce? What role does product information management play in your organisation? We will map your company’s current product information status and needs.

2. Specification

In what channels is product information needed? From what sources is information gathered? We specify the background data, processes, channels and integrations needed for product information management.

3. Implementation

Together with the client, we choose the appropriate product information management solution, based on the mapping and specification. We will help you to roll out product information management and design your processes.

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