Product information management

Boost your multichannel business with the aid of product information management

Customers and other stakeholders are demanding more accurate, timely and relevant information on products.

Centralised product information management guarantees the accurate and timely supply of products, enabling you to stand out through a superior customer experience via every sales channel.

At best, a PIM system will act as a product information warehouse through which product information can be managed, enriched, created, categorised, translated into different languages, and distributed through various channels.

We will assist you at every stage of the process: design and planning, implementation and deployment, integration into the necessary systems, user training, and maintenance of the eventual solution.


The benefits of product information management will be felt throughout your organisation

There are diverse benefits to centralised product information management: data that is maintained in one place is simultaneously available to both your organisation and your customers. The same data can be utilised in, for example, marketing materials, catalogues and online stores. Product information management complements the all-channel service experience, and helps to create a unified story behind a product.

Well-functioning, one-stop product information management will also streamline your organisation's internal processes. When information is available in one place, it will be quicker to launch new products, and you will be able to free up more time to develop sales, marketing and your business.

The three steps of product information management

1. Mapping

We identify the current status of your product information management, your requirements, and the sources of your product information.

2. Implementation

We then work with you to choose an appropriate product information management solution, based on the mapping and specifications. We will implement any integrations to other systems and channels as required.

3. Getting started

We will help you to roll out product information management and design your processes. We will train the main users of the product information management system and provide solution support.