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Case Atria Tuottajat

Atria Tuottajat provides its primary producers with services through one single point 

Long-term cooperation with Digia enables an atmosphere of trust, joint development of operational models and conflict resolution in good spirit. 


The strategic goal of Atria Tuottajat is to become a leading Northern European food company. One of the basic pillars of our operations is efficiency, which is aimed for already when cooperating with primary producers. “Five years ago, when we started to define a uniform desktop solution for our primary producers with Digia, we actually didn't even realise how much we could benefit from the development of such a system ourselves,” says Mika Kujala, Planning Manager, who has been involved in the Digia cooperation from the very beginning. “When our staff can see what the producer sees from the Desktop, we are able to serve the producer comprehensively through one single point,” Kujala continues. 


What we did

  • A desktop solution for Atria's primary producers. All transactions with Atria Tuottajat can be carried out from one single point. 

  • "Wing-ERP" system was implemented for the poultry business, through which Atria Tuottajat carries out background production planning on behalf of producers. 


What we used

  • Optimizely -digital experience platform

  • .NET-application development

“A long-term partnership is a natural strength for both parties, When the same company works with us on different things, there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time.” 

Antti-Jussi Manninen, Data- and Digital Manager, Atria Tuottajat

Digitalisation of the entire production process

Previously, Atria Tuottajat served its producers through as many as four different electronic systems. “They all required separate credentials and logins. The technologies used in the systems also started to be dated,” says Kujala, thus describing a typical starting point of an online service project. Atria Tuottajat wanted to present itself to its producers as a modern and unified company. “We also wanted to take a digital leap,” Kujala says. 

At the same time, a new ERP system, a “Wing-ERP”, was implemented for the poultry business of Atria Tuottajat. The user interface used by producers is still the same familiar Desktop, but there is now a unified system running in the background, which enables Atria Tuottajat to carry out, for example, production planning on behalf of its producers. “Previously, all planning was carried out there by using Excel. Now it's a genuine ERP, and producers can use the Desktop, for example, to enter information related to feeding and well-being directly into the system,” Mika Kujala says. 

Smooth service, transparency and easy interaction with stakeholders

In recent years, the new operational model has meant smoother service for producers. For example, an automated message can be sent when stocks of fodder are getting low, and the producer can place a new order in the online shop directly on the basis of the message. All this can also be done through a mobile device. When the background systems are digitalised and work seamlessly together, response times are short and business continuity is ensured. 

The digitalisation of background processes and producer cooperation has also clearly contributed to information transparency and reporting. The system now provides producers not only with informative overviews of their own operations but also valuable comparative data regarding regional averages. 

Long-term partnership is a natural strength

Digia was a familiar partner for Atria Tuottajat from previous projects, such as the implementation of a system for planning and monitoring animal transports. Digia was chosen when it was time to revamp the service provided for producers. Digia's extensive experience from digitalisation projects with other operators in the sector and the fact that Atria Tuottajat was already familiar with the company played a major role.  

“A long-term partnership is a natural strength for both parties,” says Antti-Jussi Manninen, Data and Digital Manager at Atria Tuottajat, and continues: “When the same company works with us on different things, there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time.” 

Cooperation has not always been without problems. “When there have been challenges during the project phase, the air has been cleared on both sides,” Kujala admits. Regarding cooperation with Digia, both Manninen and Kujala nevertheless see as a strength that both parties have had a genuine desire to develop the way they work together. “We have good cooperation and interaction with Digia employees, and I have been particularly pleased with how we have developed together,” Antti-Jussi Manninen says.  

Both Manninen and Kujala think that Digia is able to quickly provide what is needed and the company has the capability to change. “Considering its size, I think Digia is quite agile,” Manninen says. Both also commend the way Digia has highlighted its organisation's extensive resources and expertise, but still trusts the customer's judgment enough not to push additional sales at every point. “Digia has actively presented its other offerings to us, but has not been overly pushy with them,” says Manninen with a smile.