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Digia - Building Intelligent Business

Digia is a software and service company that combines technological possibilities and human capabilities to build intelligent business, society and a sustainable future.

Our experts are at your service when you need insight and perspectives on the evolution of technology and digitalisation, the development of business and customer experience, and the utilisation of digital solutions to build a more sustainable future and societies. Our special areas of expertise include enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer experience and user-centric services, data & analytics, robotics, integrations, knowledge-based management and high-security solutions.

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Timo Levoranta

President and CEO

“The future is the symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence.”

  • Digievolution and the utilisation of intelligent software
  • Intelligent organisation and society: data-driven management, automation, and artificial intelligence
  • The possibilities of technology, automation, and artificial intelligence in business development
  • Business management change journey - what does digievolution require from organisational management

Timo Levoranta has decades of experience in IT and telecommunications management positions, including TDC Finland, TeliaSonera, and Sonera. In addition, he has an extensive knowledge of various industries. Timo has a decisive view of the development of digitalisation and how intelligent software and services can be harnessed as drivers for the organisation's and business's sustainable growth. Timo recognises the opportunities presented by new technologies in business development and has substantial experience in how intelligent technologies are integrated into the organisation's everyday life. Timo swears by continuous growth and renewal. This requires continuous learning from organisations on the journey towards the symbiosis of people and software.


Juhana Juppo

CTO & Senior Vice President, Business Services

"Smoke and mirrors won’t get you far. In technological development, one must always see beyond the hype.”


  • Technology trends
  • New technologies and their opportunities for business and societal development
  • Utilizing artificial intelligence and opportunities for business development

Juhana Juppo is responsible for leading Digia’s technology and artificial intelligence strategy. He guides the development of standard operating models and technologies and implements the AI strategy within the company and in customer implementations. Juppo has a solid understanding of the technology sector and extensive experience leveraging new technologies for business development. He has previously served as a business development director at Finanssi-Kontio Oy, a service director at CGI Finland, and a CTO at Capgemini Finland.


Sami Paihonen

Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions

"At its best, an intelligent customer experience feels like magic.”

  • Digital business renewal
  • Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX), omnichannel
  • International business
  • Digital consumer services
  • Modern web and mobile solutions
  • Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Data and analytics, Business Intelligence (BI)
  • E-commerce
  • AI Applications and their use in business development

Sami Paihonen is responsible for Digia’s analytics and digital services business. He has diverse and long experience in leading, renewing, and growing international digital businesses in global markets. Paihonen sees that the intelligent customer experience (ICX) has become a strategic necessity for companies, enabled by modern application development, data, artificial intelligence, and service design. Before Digia, Paihonen worked in various leadership positions at Savox Communications and Savox Ventures, Digitalist Group (formerly Ixonos), Samsung, and Nokia.


Janne Tuominen

Senior Vice President, Managed Solutions

  • Prerequisites for digital business
  • Data-driven management and data utilisation
  • Integrations and API
  • Cloud Services
  • Intelligent automation and hyperautomation
  • High-Security Solutions
  • Information and Cybersecurity

Janne Tuominen is responsible for Digia’s integration, API, cloud business, and the Managed Services portfolio. Tuominen has over 20 years of experience in various roles in the IT industry. His career has progressed from application developer and architect to sales and business management roles. Tuominen has a comprehensive view of the core services of digital business - how to ensure business efficiency, data availability, and security, and how to harness intelligent automation and artificial intelligence to support business development. Tuominen has previously worked at CGI and Finanssi-Kontio, among others.

Anne Puntari

Head of Sustainability

“A more sustainable future is created through digital solutions.”

  • Sustainable development
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Sustainable business models and solutions
  • Utilization of data and digital solutions in achieving sustainability goals
  • Resource wisdom & Green Coding as part of a responsible IT operator’s everyday life and thinking
  • Managing the ESG framework
  • Regulatory requirements and the current sustainability directive as a driver for developing corporate responsibility

Anne Puntari serves as Digia’s Head of Sustainability and she has solid experience in how sustainable business models and a responsible way of operating are essential parts of companies’ business success. Puntari sees that data is a key factor in assessing and making sustainability choices, and digital solutions can significantly promote achieving sustainability goals. “The IT industry has long helped other industries to streamline, optimise, and make sustainable choices. However, data consumes a significant amount of energy resources, so the IT industry must ensure the most wise use of data,” she says.

Olli Ainasvuori

Vice President, Automation and Robotics Services

“It’s better to be involved in making a change than to be its target.”

  • Automation of Operations and Services
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Software Robotics, RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Hyperautomation

Olli Ainasvuori manages and develops Digia’s automation and robotics services. He previously served as MOST Digital Oy's CEO, which merged with Digia in 2022. Ainasvuori has been centrally involved in developing a unique automation service concept in Finland and even in Europe. He has a solid view and experience of how business can be automated and streamlined with intelligent automation and in which direction robotics and automation will develop with new technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

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Communications Manager

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