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Digia Career Compass

Career Compass 2024 application period has ended.

Thank your for your application!
Career Compass-kompassi

Digia Career Compass guides you and helps you start your career path.

Are you interested in starting a career in the software industry and looking for a suitable career path? Are you looking for a job where you can learn continuously and develop as an expert? Do you want to work as part of an enthusiastic and skilled team that supports you on your journey?

Career Compass is suitable for you if you have just graduated or are graduating from a lower or higher university degree suitable for the role and looking for junior level jobs. If you have completed a short IT-related training, you should also have about a year of work experience in a suitable field. You also can work at least 3 days a week permanently.

Through Career Compass, you will be employed directly at Digia in a junior role, from where you will start your own career and learning path towards more experienced roles according to your level. This is not a training course, but your skills will grow alongside and in real work projects with the support from your team. Depending on the role, you will work either in our customer projects or in internal development.

Although we require that you already have some experience, we want you to have a passion to learn more, as every Digian is a Senior Trainee. We have a habit of saying that the work always gets completed, but we won’t be. This means a philosophy of continuous learning. At Digia we have the opportunity to grow, develop and also to be unsure. Here you have the permission to be cleverly unfinished.

What does Career Compass offer you?

When you don’t know something yet, at Digia you get to learn and teach it also to other. You get help, support, and a team to help you, from start to finish. You learn and unlearn by doing, especially with our team. Wisdom lives in the teams and in sharing, and here with us doing things together and the journey together is the main point.

At Digia, the salary is ensured to be equal for everyone starting and that is why we guarantee a minimum of 2500 € monthly salary for all junior technical roles. However, the average for those who started in Career Compass last time was higher, as the final starting salary is determined by the skills, role requirements, previous work experience and stage of studies. In addition, as a Digian, you can use our comprehensive employee benefits. Learn more about our employee benefits from here.

Support along the way is important and we offer a comprehensive orientation, as well as onboarding buddy and support from your supervisor. In addition, you will be part of Digia’s community of experts. That’s over 1400 colleagues. All roles are negotiable full-time or part-time, depending on your situation, and the start is also negotiable, but starting in spring 2024. We offer flexibility in working hours, for example, alongside studies, so please indicate on your application what kind of working hours you hope to work. The work requires immersion, especially at the beginning, so you should be possible to work at least 3 days a week. Remote work is also possible in many roles after orientation, as Digians work in a hybrid environment.


How does the application process proceed?

The application period for 2024 has ended. Thank you to all who applied this year!

The next application period will start in the end of 2024. Be sure to follow our website and social media, where we will update information about the upcoming Career Compass 2025. 

Career Compass roles to apply to and their descriptions

Below you will find different jobs as well as more detailed role descriptions on  2024 Career Compass.
Junior Cloud Specialist

Job location: Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä

In your job, you will be solving problem and disruption situations as well as performing maintenance tasks related to environments. You will be involved in planning and implementing changes in cooperation with experienced developers and architects. Projects are typically cloud consulting projects for customers, cloud migration and Managed Cloud takeover projects. The requirement for the job is experience in cloud environment maintenance tasks (Azure, GCP or AWS). We consider understanding of public clouds, Windows, Linux or Network - user background and experience of containers or infrastructure as an advantage.

The job requires fluent English or Finnish language skills.

Junior Software Developer

Job location: Jyväskylä, Tampere, Helsinki

The job consists of developing application functionalities, where the functionalities of customer requirements described in tickets are implemented with tools and programming languages according to architectures. The requirement for the job is education, from which the basic knowledge of software development has been learned, including object-oriented programming and the development of browser-based user interfaces. In the role, it is necessary to absorb large amounts of code and knowledge of .NET, Angular and SQL technologies is an advantage.

The job requires fluent English or Finnish language skills.

Career Compass Get Together 2022

In the spring of 2022, we hosted the Career Compass Get Together event, where the people from Digia, who started in 2022, got to know each other and network together. The day included things like getting to know career paths in Digia, career stories from other people and tips for professional development. The rest of the day was spent in more relaxed surroundings in escape rooms, on a brewery tour and with good food, drink and of course, great company.
Career Compassiln kautta aloittaneita digialaisia
Career Compass -tapahtumaan osallistuneita
Career Compass -tapahtumaan osallistuneita
Career Compass -tapahtumaan osallistuneita
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