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We create a more sustainable future

Our sustainable business model and responsible way of working are integral to our strategy and instrumental to our business success. We have updated our sustainability programme and its objectives in connection with our strategy work for the new 2023–2025 strategy period.

Our focus areas in corporate responsibility are based on our strategic policies, the expectations of key stakeholders, the characteristics of the ICT sector and business environment, the impacts of the company’s operations, and the objectives of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Global Compact.

We see the green transition and sustainability challenges as business opportunities. Digital solutions have the potential to significantly contribute to solving sustainability challenges in other fields of business. Data is a key factor in assessing sustainability choices and making decisions.


We are part of UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative

Digia commits to UN’s ten principles related to human rights, working conditions, environment and the prevention of corruption, as well as to developing business responsibility through the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Digitalisation is a tool for ecological renewal and data is the raw material for sustainable renewal – enabling us to forecast and optimise operations and boost their efficiency based on data. It has been estimated that digital technologies will make it possible to achieve reductions of as much as 20 per cent in the emissions of other sectors by 2050 – and thus it is important for us to expand our handprint by working with our customers to cut emissions.

It has also been estimated that in 2030, more than a fifth of the energy consumed worldwide will be used for data processing and other information and communication technologies. Data utilisation causes climate emissions. For this reason, we focus on promoting resource-wise operations and Green Coding.

Our focus areas:

  • We reduce our carbon emissions
  • We favour circular economy functions
  • We operate resource-wisely and develop resource wisdom, Green IT and Green Coding activities
  • We produce customer solutions to solve sustainability challenges
Reduction in CO2 emissions 2019-2023

  Objective 2025

CO2 emissions -60% from the 2019 baseline.


  Objective 2030

Digia is carbon neutral throughout the entire value chain.

  Objective 2030

CO2 emissions -75% from the 2019 baseline.


Everything we do is based on people in our work community and network. Expertise and its continuous development plays a key role in enabling us to serve our customers based on the latest information. We want the value of Digia personnel’s expertise to increase during their term of employment.

Diversity and inclusion are part of our evolving day-to-day work, something that we encourage throughout our network. Furthermore, a good management and work culture bolsters the achievement of an excellent employee experience.

Our focus areas:

  • We strengthen a safe, healthy and thriving operating environment
  • We encourage diversity and inclusion
  • We provide opportunities for lifelong learning in the Senior Trainee spirit
  • We produce customer solutions that promote social responsibility
Employee net promoter score 2023
Women's euro at Digia 2023

  Objective 2025

 eNPS + 35% from the 2022 baseline.

Trusted Partner

We want to be a long-term development partner to our customers. Our most important themes – also from the standpoint of customer expectations – are to be a visionary, reliable and secure partner.

Business is becoming networked, complexity is increasing and security is ever-more important. Data responsibility, secure operations and their promotion also facilitate the sustainable development of societies. In addition, responsible data utilisation has a social responsibility dimension through the privacy protection of individuals.

Our focus areas:

  • We promote digital security by promoting secure operations and responsible data utilisation.
  • We develop the digital functionality of society
  • We promote ethics and responsibility
  • We are a visionary, reliable and secure partner
Net promoter score
Share of Digians who have completed the Code of Conduct training

  Objective 2025

NPS + 25 % from the 2022 baseline.

  ISO 27001

We achieved international ISO 27001 certification in 2022. We are strongly committed to developing secure operations and services.


Our ethical operating culture

Compliance with the Code of Conduct and our responsible way of working are integral to our strategy and instrumental to our business success.

Every Digia employee, regardless of their position, is required to comply with these principles and report any irregularities. We also require our subcontractors to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Digia's Code of Conduct 

Whistleblowing channel

Ethical principles for utilising artificial intelligence

Digia was involved in the ethics challenge of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland’s Artificial Intelligence Programme in which companies committed to formulating ethical principles for the utilisation of artificial intelligence.

By adhering to these principles, we support our customers in developing decision-making based on artificial intelligence so that it

  • does not threaten anyone's health or safety, individual data security and privacy protection
  • does not strengthen the structural inequalities in society
  • does not otherwise cause injustice, harm or suffering to individuals or groups of people.

 Ethical principles for utilising artificial intelligence  



Anne Puntari

Head of Sustainability