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Unlock your Pride – Digia is a Helsinki Pride 2024 Support partner

Pride month is traditionally celebrated in June. We have systematically worked on equality and non-discrimination at Digia for several years. Although you see in our offices rainbow lanyards and laptop stickers daily, which allow the Digia employees to show their visible support for an equal and diverse work life as well as sexual and gender minorities, and create a safer space around them, this year we are also a Helsinki Pride 2024 Support partner.

Digia actively promotes diversity and equality, and the psychological safety of each employee is essential to us. Pride month is an established time and forum for corporate diversity discussions. Pride partnership means showing visible and concrete support as a company for everyone in society, working life, and Digia, including sexual and gender minorities, to be safely and proudly themselves.

Pride partnership is a continuation of Digia’s equality work

At Digia, equality and non-discrimination issues have been systematically promoted for about five years. The focus areas of our equality and non-discrimination plan for this strategic period are inclusive culture and psychological safety, the everyday use of English, and increasing women’s share, participation, and career opportunities. The development of staff diversity and inclusive culture, i.e., DEI issues, are part of the broader equality work done at Digia.

“About five years ago, inclusion and psychological safety were not as actively discussed in the workplace as they are now. At Digia, there was also no discussion about the experiences of sexual and gender minorities in the workplace. Today, it is much better understood that expressing support from the employer and colleagues is a big deal for the rainbow community. Internal discussions, concrete actions, and DEI-themed metrics always communicate the importance of valuing everyone in the workplace and that you can be uniquely who you are”, says HR Business Partner Liisa Onninen, who leads Digia’s equality group.

“Digians have shared their experiences and thoughts in blog posts and the equality survey over the years. We can also meet each other all year round at the LGBTQIA+ community after work and wear a rainbow lanyard to the office as a sign of support. It is natural and wonderful to develop our equality work and knowledge further through the Pride partnership,” Onninen continues.

“Supporting diversity is part of our corporate responsibility,” says CEO Timo Levoranta. “We aim for a sense of psychological safety and well-being among our staff. The most important thing is that all Digia employees can be themselves, network, and act as full community members. Together, we know more,” Levoranta adds.

In June, panel discussion and LGBTQ++ afterworks

Pride is celebrated at Digia in many ways. There will be LGBTQ++ afterworks organized by the Diversity tribe, where Digia employees can network and get to know each other in a safe environment and discuss the topic. Our goal is also to organize an equality-themed panel discussion in honor of Pride in June. In the discussion, we'll hear thoughts on the subject from Digia and other organizations, as well as, among other things, good, everyday ways to increase psychological safety and promote equality.

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