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Expertise networks

We offer you a flexible way to get specific business, design, and technology expertise to meet your business needs, whether for short or long-term assignments.


10,000 professionals at your service

Here at Digia and in our freelancer and partner networks, you will find the country’s top experts in software development, architecture design, user interface design and testing.

We also have experienced project managers and consultants for business development, service design, data analytics and marketing.

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Immediate project kick-off with the support of external expertise

You can’t keep postponing important development projects until you manage to locate and recruit the technology or business expertise you need.

If your project is otherwise ready for kick-off, we can help. Our extensive network of experts in Finland and other countries most likely includes the exact expertise your project is lacking.

Your needs may involve just a quick project or a longer-term development initiative. If necessary, we can even assemble an entire team of experts for the most demanding of projects.

An expert-for-hire is often able to start work immediately. All our experts are highly experienced, and the productivity and quality of their work is guaranteed to be excellent.

Tell us what you need; we'll take care of the rest

  1. We search for the right expertise based on your specifications, perform a suitability analysis, and send you a proposal.

  2. You can select the most suitable candidates for interview, and identify the right individual for your team.

  3. We prepare a contract, and the expert is ready to start work on your project.

  4. You approve the expert's working hours; we handle the invoicing once a month.

Network of information security experts 

Digia Cybersecurity Hub is a large group of information and cybersecurity experts. These 200+ experts are also at your disposal for various assignments and projects, whether you need information security development, planning or implementation.

Shall we think things through together?

If you would like to talk to one of our experts, you can leave us a contact request via the button below.

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Business consulting

When you are looking for a digital strategy that helps your business grow or gain a competitive advantage, we can help you utilise the possibilities offered by digitalisation, technology, and ecosystems.

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Change leadership

In strategically significant change projects, it is important to ensure that the company personnel understand and accept the change. A strong and attractive change vision can even get people excited about it.

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Service design

If you are interested in developing user-oriented, positively distinctive service innovations, we encourage you to turn towards service design. It is a way of successfully uniting people and technology.

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Architecture design

Enterprise architecture is the foundation of the information systems used by your organisation. It ties all your systems together to ensure the usability and security of digital services, and their serviceability in your operational processes.

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Integrations and APIs

Well-built integrations have a direct influence on how smoothly data can be utilised and an indirect influence on the efficiency and intelligence of operations and management.

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Information and cyber security

The risk of becoming a target for cyber-attacks increases as the digitalisation of business progresses. Even unintentional data leaks can occur. To minimise risks, safety aspects must be taken into account in all stages of system and service development, from the design table to the user experience.

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Application development – web, mobile and low-code

Today's digital services must be designed to meet users' needs and expectations. They must also work flawlessly across all devices and application interfaces.

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Overview and monitoring services

When core operating processes are digitalised, the reliability of systems becomes increasingly important. At the same time, system environments are becoming more and more complex, so the need for system management and monitoring increases. Even a small malfunction in a digital service or background system can have a significant impact on your business and operations.

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Ville Mäkinen

Head of Sales, Digital Solutions
Ville Mäkinen, Head of Sales, Digital Solutions

Timo Saarinen

Business Lead, Digital Solutions