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Service design

If you are interested in developing user-oriented, positively distinctive service innovations, we encourage you to turn towards service design. It is a way of successfully uniting people and technology.


Aim for a better customer and employee experience

In service design, the core idea is to think about who will be using the service and what they need. We can also explore what works well in a current service, or what causes the customer experience to falter. This approach is helpful whenever you want to develop new innovations, improve your existing services, or find ways to build a competitive advantage.

Service design is a way to ensure that your services will meet the real needs of your customers and employees, and not just your business needs. As an outcome, you get user-oriented and useful services that bring sustainable growth to your business.


Service design is the backbone of digital innovation

Using service design means development is not based on assumptions. Services are conceptualised in iterations, and qualitative and quantitative data about business, customers and their behaviour is used throughout the process.

Our experienced service designers help you get started through functional workshops, and they support you at every stage of the development project. We help map out your users' needs and create alternative solutions. We help define the implementation and further develop the service.

A competent service-design partner is the key to creating services that brings benefits to your business while helping users fulfil their needs. We have an effective operating model to ensure successful development and efficient use of resources.

Shall we think things through together?

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Mikko Nirhamo

Head of Design
Mikko Nirhamo, Head of Design

Niko Grandell

Delivery Group Director
Niko Grandell, Delivery Group Director