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Case ILP-Group Logistics

ILP-Group Logistics has updated its forwarding and warehousing system in cooperation with Digia to achieve greater efficiency and an even more customer-oriented service

Efficiency and the customer experience were the core considerations of ILP-Group Logistics when they began the process of updating their forwarding and warehousing system. From the very beginning, building a system that was as modern as possible and in which each program communicated effectively with other programs was important to the company. In cooperation with Digia, ILP-Group adopted the Digia  ProSped and Digia ProStock systems, as well as the Digia OTE mobile solution.


ILP-Group, which offers comprehensive logistics solutions, began operations in the mid-90s, focusing primarily on transporting Korean-made electronics through Russia. Starting in the 2000s, however, the company has expanded its services, which now include comprehensive logistics solutions ranging from transport to temporary warehousing and collection. Today, the company’s Russian transport operations are only one part of its diverse logistics services.

“We offer our customers security and peace of mind at every stage of the logistics pipeline,” explains Jaakko Pohjanvaara, a partner who has been part of ILP-Group’s operations since 2003.

In the field of logistics, efficiency is the word of the day. In order to improve the customer experience, all the stages and parties involved in transport must interact seamlessly, and information must travel between different systems quickly. Additionally, it must also be possible to develop the systems to satisfy future needs and changes in the sector.

These were the base requirements when ILP-Group Logistics began updating their forwarding and warehousing system. The company also wanted a separate solution to ease mechanical forest industry freight transport through the port of HaminaKotka.

What we used

  • Digia ProSped
  • Digia ProStock
  • Digia OTE
The goal was a modern system in which data moves back and forth in real time. With this project, that goal has been achieved. The new solution has made many things easier, improving the efficiency of our operations by allowing for the real-time transfer of data.

Jaakko Pohjanvaara, partner, ILP-Group Logistics

Industry expertise and flexibility are among Digia’s strengths

“Finding one supplier who could provide the whole system was important to us. Digia’s solution addressed our needs, so we began cooperation in autumn 2017,” Pohjanvaara says.

The solutions chosen were the forwarding system Digia ProSped, warehousing system Digia ProStock and Digia OTE mobile solution, which was tailored to meet ILP-Group’s needs in the export of mechanical forest industry products from the port of HaminaKotka.

“Digia’s industry expertise was particularly obvious in the fact that they had so much in-house expertise from different sectors. One person can never be an expert in everything, but Digia seemed to be able to call on people who were experts in the specific thing that was needed, regardless of what it was,” Pohjanvaara says.

Pohjanvaara also praises Digia’s flexibility during the project. In the logistics sector, the operating environment changes rapidly. For example, Customs or other authorities may change their practices at any time.

“Digia has approached changes flexibly and listened carefully to our wishes,” Pohjanvaara comments.

Data moves quickly, and efficiency has improved

The new solutions were adopted gradually. The first to be put into operation was the forwarding system ProSped, after which came the warehousing system ProStock and, finally, Ote, which was the subject of a significant amount of development work to ensure it answered ILP-Group’s specific needs for port operations as closely as possible.

The deployment of the systems proceeded smoothly. A large number of people from different departments were involved as early as the system’s demo workshops to allow users to influence the functionality of the system from their own perspectives. People have responded positively to the system. According to Pohjanvaara, no one has been wishing they could go back to the old system.

The system’s effects on business activities have also been positive. Pohjanvaara explains that many tasks have become more straightforward with the introduction of the new system, and things like browsing functions and integrations with customers’ systems function extremely well in the new system.

“Many work routines are easier, and information about deliveries and their implementation moves quickly from one place to another. In addition to us, the benefits are also being felt by the customers. The integrations are modern and function flawlessly in the new system,” Pohjanvaara says.

People at ILP-Group Logistics have been particularly satisfied with the Ote solution. Though development took longer than initially expected, the result is extremely functional. Thanks to the system, forest industry freight transport through the port continues despite exceptional circumstances.

“Information moves in real time, which is particularly important now that we’re in a challenging situation in terms of maritime traffic. Under the circumstances, we need to be able to react effectively to sudden changes.”

One example of the flexibility of the system in exceptional circumstances is its adaptability to remote working. Pohjanvaara explains that this has been a positive surprise as staff have transitioned to working remotely during the pandemic.

“Before we started working remotely, I wondered how well we would be able to transition to it on short notice and whether the system could adapt. However, everything went off without a hitch,” Pohjanvaara says.

According to Pohjanvaara, the new forwarding and warehousing system could not have come at a better time. The industry is developing constantly, and, for example, the systems and guidelines used by Customs have changed over the course of the project. The new solution needs to be able to adapt to future changes in the sector as well.

“Our collaboration with Digia will no doubt continue as new development needs arise,” Pohjanvaara concludes.