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Case Kunnan Taitoa

A scalable solution for the customer’s business


Kunnan Taitoa provides financial and HR administration services to the municipal sector nationwide. Its nationwide operating model yields operational and cost efficiency and benefits of scale to organisations of all sizes. Integrations play a critical role in providing the correct information to different municipal actors. Digia implemented a centralised integration solution, upkeep and monitoring for Kunnan Taitoa.


Cost-savings are achieved in two ways: by shifting over from individual integrations to a centralised model, and reusing components when carrying out integrations.  The integration platform ensures sufficient capacity, as the total integrations will number in the hundreds. This combination also provides rapid scalability in situations such as when temporary additional capacity is required for a large transfer, for instance.

As integration development is carried out on a decentralised basis by different suppliers, Kunnan Taitoa wanted the support services to be a single effective service for the end user, handling support requests on a centralised basis. The channel solution enables the centralised monitoring of integrations and handling of support requests. The solution provided by Digia includes full maintenance of the integration platform, covering operating system updates, monitoring, application updates and monitoring, verifications and other measures. In addition to production, the platform includes several lower-level environments.

Digia’s monitoring and support service has been deployed in the customer’s server environment. Efficient monitoring ensures seamless flow of communications between software and applications. In addition, errors can be prevented. Any errors that do occur can be located and corrected rapidly and efficiently.


Digia implemented a centralised integration solution, upkeep and monitoring for Kunnan Taitoa.