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Integrations and APIs

Well-built integrations have a direct influence on how smoothly data can be utilised and an indirect influence on the efficiency and intelligence of operations and management.

Enable smooth utilisation of information

The role of integrations and application programming interfaces is to enable data to flow between different systems and businesses. They also play a central role in the operation of digital networks and ecosystems.

The digitalisation of business and increasingly of networked operations adds to the diversity of data sources, which can pose a challenge for the implementation and management of integrations. The ability to quickly and securely use your own data and data produced by partners requires a controlled approach.

Solutions must be controlled and secure, and they must enable cost-effective and agile development. Modern architecture often utilises cloud services, open-source code, API interfaces and event-based programming.


Towards orderly integration management and development

We have developed a systematic operating model and effective management tools for the entire life cycle of integrations and APIs. Our experienced experts can help you plan, implement, and manage integrations and develop a unified architecture. This helps ensure smooth data movement in the long term, including in a multi-vendor environment.

Why choose Digia as your integration partner?

Digia is the largest provider of integration services in Finland and one of the largest in the Nordic countries. We have more than 25 years of experience in providing integration and information management solutions for thousands of customer projects. We manage a broad and constantly evolving technology portfolio, which includes both commercial and open-source technologies.


Centralised management of integrations, APIs and platforms from Digia

We can act as your top-tier partner, overseeing the management and control of your entire IT ecosystem. Our experienced experts manage and steer your multi-supplier network using uniform processes and tools. You get better visibility of service production and its costs while also ensuring that your IT services support the continuous development of your business.

Shall we think things through together?

If you would like to talk to one of our experts, you can leave us a contact request via the button below.

Integration architecture Fast Track – helping you renew your business

With the help of our mapping service, we help you identify the needs of your business, and we design an integration architecture, basic functions, and a development roadmap suitable for your company.

API Fast Track – a solid foundation for development

We help develop a systematic management model for your company's application programming interfaces. One that accounts for the nature of your business and the needs related to technical solutions, data protection and security. 

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Mikko Hakola

Vice President, Integration & API