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Case Noste Isännöinti

Robotic process automation allows business and work comfort to grow hand in hand

RPA, or robotic process automation, is increasingly seen as an opportunity rather than a threat to the continuation of one’s work. Irina Marjanen from the housing management company Noste Isännöinti Oy introduced their new digital colleague in just the right context and at the right time, and communicated it understandably and in the right tone. Irina emphasises that when designing automation, we need to move to change management and engage the personnel in the project.


Irina’s team was eagerly waiting for Einari, and Einari’s help was welcomed with open arms. The team knew that Einari had not come to take their work, but to help them focus more on their core competence.

“Einari has exceeded all expectations, and I am very happy that we have taken this step in the direction of automation. Starting with the first steps, our team realised the benefits Einari brought to our lives and was genuinely excited about our new assistant”, says Team Leader Irina Marjanen.

Allocating work effort and increasing comfort also have a cascade effect on business growth. We simply produce more added value to our customers and can expand with the same resources. Characteristically for our industry, we think Einari is a significant part of our long-term plan, and the weight of the investment for us was determined by this and not by the traditional ROI calculation. Robotic automation was not a tool for us for reducing staff expenses but an opportunity to grow our operations.

“Regardless of the industry, it is important to monitor development and boldly use new innovations. It is important for us to be a pioneer in our own industry, and by doing so, we secure the best and most up-to-date service packages for our customers. At the same time, we take care of the optimal development of our own competitiveness, helping us serve our expanding customer base now and in the future”, says Ari Tikkanen.

Using robotic process automation has given us the keys to streamlining our operations and, most importantly, by transferring routines from humans to automation, we have managed to increase the motivation of our employees.

Toni Tikkanen, Property Manager, Chairman of the Board, Noste Isännöinti

At the heart of development

At the heart of our development work is the reform of our operating methods in a people-centric manner. We see a future where digitalisation is increasing in different areas, but it is by no means intended to make us human beings redundant. It allows us to develop our own well-being at work and give ourselves more time to provide service, person to person, instead of performing routines.

How we chose an RPA partner

Expertise, references to solutions already implemented and experience in the software we have at our disposal were key factors. At our meeting, the challenging topic was clearly presented to us, and the practical examples were insightful and created trust. The choice has not always been this easy. That famous first impression impressed us.

Digia we knew from before, as Irina had attended a lecture organised by KIINKO, where Olli Ainasvuori talked about automation and its possibilities. The company became one of the candidates through this connection. Other actors were also surveyed, and internally we compared service providers in more detail.

Choosing the right partner is important

“Choosing the right partner is particularly important, especially in software-related solutions, and we happened to find the best option for us quickly. I warmly recommend exploring several options and thinking about the things most important for oneself that a partner should succeed in implementing. This way, when making this choice, you will be confident and know how to ask just the right questions”, Irina concludes.