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Case Seure

Robotic process automation increases work satisfaction and efficiency

Robotic process automation solutions can both enhance internal processes and create new business. Digia is partnering with Seure to optimise competitiveness and cost efficiency and to develop new services and explore business opportunities.


Seure is a not-for-profit workforce leasing company owned by the municipalities of the Helsinki metropolitan area, two wellbeing services counties and HUS. In addition to workforce leasing, Seure also supports its customers in areas such as recruiting and optimising human resources.

With rapid growth, Seure has been undergoing a strong reform for many years. At the heart of the transformation is the changing business environment and the agile behaviours it requires, used for freeing up the working hours of specialists for productive, customer-serving work. Technology and data are used systematically in the development, and robotic process automation is one of the most important tools in business development. 

“For a long time we have built a culture of experimentation and co-development. With robotic process automation, we can try out new operating models with customers and quickly identify effective and cost-efficient solutions,” says Seure head of technology and development Teemu Asumaa.

What we did


The Digia partnership plays a big role in developing ideas and identifying new opportunities. Digia developers are already long-term Seure specialists, providing quick and flexible solutions.

Niina Soini, Development Manager, Seure

Automation increases satisfaction

The partnership between Seure and Digia to develop robotic process automation solutions began in 2019 with the development of individual robotic process automation solutions to facilitate HR work. In total, more than 30 automation units have been built during the collaboration.

The first was Teppo, a software robot built to handle leased workers’ absence reports. Teppo freed up a large number of Seure staff resources from manual reporting to more important tasks. Still in operation, the robot handles more than 60% of Seure’s absence reports. 

The benefits of robotic process automation solutions are concretely evident in the daily lives of Seure workers. Robotic software automation frees up working time for value-added and customer-serving work, and work efficiency and automation are reflected in increased customer and employee satisfaction.

“Employees can manage their absences in acute situations, regardless of time and location. Today’s employees already know to expect these kinds of options,” says Seure robotics solutions development manager Niina Soini.

The data provided by robot processing reports is used in Seure’s business intelligence. The quality of work also improves as robots eliminate the possibility of human error.

“The benefit can also be calculated quite well,” says Teemu Asumaa. “All automation solutions have paid for themselves surprisingly quickly.”

Automation solutions moved smoothly into new system

One of the great successes of the collaboration was experienced in 2023 when Seure renewed its ERP system. Digia’s robotic process automation team reconfigured and tested software robot workflows simultaneously with the actual system deployment project. 

Thanks to the exceptional approach, the project was completed agilely and quickly.

“Working with Digia was easy, and we have been very happy with the way we do it,” says Niina Soini.

Towards AI opportunities

Seure’s modern ERP system and AI integration into automation create exciting, far-reaching opportunities for office automation. Seure relies on its expertise in surveying development ideas and designing new service products. In addition to automation solutions, the potential for artificial intelligence is also considered together.

“The Digia partnership plays a big role in developing ideas and identifying new opportunities,” says Niina Soini. “The long-term partnership ensures that the creators are familiar with our systems and processes. Digia developers are already long-term Seure specialists, providing quick and flexible solutions.”