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Case Seure

Robotic process automation plays a key role in developing new solutions that facilitate HR work

Seure has been actively looking for new, agile operating models to cope with the changing operating environment. Robotic process automation has played a key role in this.



Seure was looking for a solution to focus HR specialists’ valuable working hours to things that add value. One of the bottlenecks identified was the receipt of absence notifications and the related manual processes. In the beginning, the notifications would be made by telephone during customer service hours, and the average number of notifications processed was 200 daily.

What we did


Ohjelmistorobotiikka on yksi merkittävä työkalu liiketoiminnan kehittämisen keinovalikoimassa. Parhaimmillaan se avaa uusia mahdollisuuksia, tuottavuuden ja lisäarvon kasvaessa samanaikaisesti.

Antti Nummiranta, Director of Technology and Development, Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy


For the past few years, Seure has been undergoing a strong transformation of the business, as growth is extreme. Seure has been actively looking for new, agile operating models to cope with the changing operating environment. Process automation has played a key role in this. Since January 2019, Digia and Seure have been working together to develop new solutions that facilitate HR work. Seure’s first robot recruit, Teppo, started its work already in early spring 2019.

Antti Nummiranta, Seure’s director of technology and development, sees that their task has been to enable the use of robotic process automation in Seure’s business. One of the cornerstones of a successful automation project is that the specialists of the work play a central role in the implementation. This develops, almost without effort, an inner sense of what kind of work it makes sense to assign to a robot. Once that door has been opened, there will be no end to finding the objects to be automated.

Software robotics specialist Miia Holma at Seure defines the goal of development: “Our goal is to use robotics extensively in various routine tasks, so that our specialists have more time to solve challenging situations, and also to enable agile development and innovation of our new services.”


Robotic process automation frees up working time for value-added work that serves the customer. In addition to improved productivity, quality is also improved, because robots refuse to make mistakes. In a perfect world, the information systems in use would produce perfectly flawless digital processes. In the real world, this phenomenon is rarely experienced, which is why robotic process automation has brought much-needed complementary features to the systems.

The introduction of artificial intelligence in automation creates interesting, more advanced opportunities for office automation. Seure also monitors this development with vigilance. Laura Kuivalainen, product owner of Seure’s resource centre service, has experienced cooperation with Digia as strongly partner-spirited. Both actors have an atmosphere of experimentation and have open-mindedly started looking together for solutions for Seure’s own internal processes as well as their customers’ needs. Robotic process automation is also a good element when starting to develop completely new service products for the company in an agile and cost-effective manner. Digia has also been seen as a reliable and competent partner in such business development.

At Seure, RPA is seen as an opportunity when the aim is:

  • to improve the shortcomings of existing information systems
  • to implement integration between information systems in a cost-effective, fast and agile way
  • to develop and pilot new services at a low threshold
  • to increase the ability to react and change in a changing market
  • to optimise competitiveness, cost-effectiveness and added value generation


Receipt of absence notifications

Description of the task:
Teppo Robotti receives a text message notice, reads it, records the absence, releases the shift and starts looking for a substitute employee for the vacated shift and notifies both the employee and the customer’s office of the changes.

The goal is to maximise the automation rate of the process with the robot, which solves the biggest bottleneck in customer service.

Robot description

Teppo Robotti​

Technical keywords:
OIVA, Open RPA, Lean RPA, Paraller, Python​

Key values:
Developing customer and employee experience and generating added value, increasing productivity

Freed up working time for value-added customer service work. The quality of productivity has improved and well-being at work has increased

Teppo in figures

Working hours per day: 24

Project time (weeks): 8

ROI (Return On Investment in months): 12

Procentage average of all notices that Teppo processes: 40%