Service design and business consulting

Your digital transformation partner from consulting to implementation


Companies serve a customer base that has a huge number of alternatives to choose from – a number that is only going to grow in future. Service design and business consulting allow us to build services that create genuine added value for your users and set you apart from the competition. The unique competitive edge this creates leads to sustainable business growth.


The core pillars of service design

The key element of service design is user-oriented design that centres on the solution’s end users and the company’s internal operators. Their needs and motivations are what guide the formation of the customer and employee experience. Our service design professionals ensure that the user experience looks and feels good across all your service channels.



We build a deep understanding of the challenges users face by putting ourselves in their shoes.



We build a comprehensive understanding of the various design perspectives and their cause-and-effect relationships.



By involving end users at an early stage, we ensure that we are solving the right problems.


When is service design useful?

Service design is often described as a continuous process that offers tools for user-oriented development. Service design can be used to ensure that the end result serves the needs of the customer, employee and business equally.

Service design is utilised at every stage of the development project, from conceptualisation and specification to implementation and further development:

  • When you need new innovations to take your business to the next milestone
  • When you want to ensure your development project succeeds and your resources are used efficiently
  • When you want to develop your existing services or products and find new ways to forge a competitive advantage
  • When your service has multiple interfaces that offer different customer experiences
  • When your internal operational models and processes prove insufficient or too much time is spent on manual tasks


Business growth through service design


Improve your understanding of your customers

Customer-oriented service development lets you provide your customers with unique value and gives your business a competitive edge 

Understanding your customers helps you solve the right problems and lets you avoid having to make decisions based on beliefs and assumptions. A deep understanding of your customers’ needs and motives gained at the start of the development project will help you build a practical and effective solution right out of the gate. Solutions that respond to your customers’ actual needs strengthen the perception of quality and reliability associated with your company.

A deep understanding of your customers is built through various survey methods and can typically be turned into:

  • Customer profiles
  • Customer journey maps
  • A development plan


Utilise new and successful services to build your business

Keep up with development

We combine business goals, user needs and the possibilities offered by technology into a concept that supports your decision making and helps you give shape and structure to your development work. Conceptualisation allows you to find entirely new innovations that serve the needs of your customers, employees and business. The solutions developed in this way improve not only the customer experience but also the experience of employees, the efficiency of processes and productivity.

We develop the concept iteratively together with your stakeholders and customers. The concept image includes concrete tools that help you communicate your vision and test your ideas.

  • Service description
  • Service and user journeys
  • Interactive prototypes and user interface images
  • Development plan


Develop and update old services and products

Improve commercial productivity in a human-oriented way

Does your current service support your desired customer and employee experience? Does your service promote the sustainable growth of your business? Through user surveys and testing, we can identify methods you may have missed for creating added value for your existing services. We identify the points of friction in your customer journey and processes that are slowing down the development of your business.

We examine your current services and processes in a human-oriented way.

  • Analysing your current solution – what works, what doesn’t and why?
  • Analysing and optimising your processes from the perspective of efficiency and ease of use
  • Assessing usability and accessibility
  • Identifying new service opportunities by analysing trends and undertaking predictive research


Make your employees’ jobs easier

Digital solutions help you focus on what matters

The ability to focus on rewarding tasks and not having to waste time on routine manual work are important for a positive employee experience. Digital solutions can be used to improve the quality of data produced by the company and its rate of utilisation. By utilising automation and digitalisation, we create more streamlined processes. This streamlining also translates into an improved customer experience.

Common service design methods for improving the employee experience include:

  • Co-creation with your employees
  • Interviews
  • Observation


Optimise your business and boost your internal processes

Optimising your business through service design leaves you with a better bottom line

We develop your organisation’s processes holistically and pay particularly close attention to the operational models linking different functions and identified problem areas. Through service design, we identify bottlenecks in your operations that can be alleviated with solutions like automation and digitalisation. By involving various parties in the design of your processes, you ensure that your development efforts are successful and improve your employee experience at the same time.

The descriptions produced by the service design process put your development needs into specific terms and help you communicate them to your stakeholders.

  • Service blueprint
  • Identified problem areas
  • Development proposals


Improve the perception of quality associated with your company

Understanding customers is key to your brand image

The companies that best serve their customers’ needs, wishes and motives are the ones that thrive. An enjoyable and inspiring brand experience consists of combined experiences from different service channels. We develop services and digital solutions that support users’ real needs and brighten up their day with a good user experience.

We ensure that the service matches the company’s brand and other services.

  • Visual design
  • User interface design
  • Utilisation of user data
  • Continuous development




Creating an effortless everyday social welfare and healthcare experience

Social welfare and healthcare services need to be produced very efficiently and are expected to be ever more impactful.

At the same time, customers want ease of use, choice and digital services.

Everyday social welfare and healthcare services feel effortless when electronic services serve people, not processes, and are accessible to all users. At Digia, we believe in the symbiosis of people, technology and data, resulting in services that are developed with the customer and professional at the forefront. 

Why choose Digia as your social welfare and healthcare partner?

  • Decades of experience and knowledge of the industry
  • More than 10 years of experience in demanding social welfare and healthcare project implementations
  • An extensive catalogue of services ranging from service design and consulting to technical implementation and maintenance
  • A Finnish partner
  • Reliable and secure
  • A comprehensive understanding of the Act on the Provision of Digital Services and the Web Accessibility Directive



Business consulting

In today’s business environment, companies and organisations must have the ability to change constantly. Digitalisation in itself ushers in changes. It doesn’t make sense to simply digitalise old ways of working without updating them – instead, it’s worth rethinking operations from the ground up.

We’ll help you harness the new opportunities opened up by digitalisation and to modernise your business and service models to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.

Digital strategy

We build a competitive edge with business models for the digital era. We tap into the opportunities of digitalisation, technology and ecosystems. We update demand creation, customer service, service production, product development and earnings logic models to the digital era.

Service design

We further develop the concepts you select and test them with the right customers. We identify effective service ideas, continue their development and create new business. The outcome is tested-and-proven digital services.

Service offering development

We identify the factors behind an excellent customer experience for different customer groups at all phases of the service path. We define the services, content and service processes and identify the role of different service channels. The end result is a customer-focused description of the service model and a development roadmap.

Productisation of services

We identify the current state of operations and future requirements. We define the service vision and the processes, services, descriptions, roles and responsibilities for the development of service production. This results in an updated service model and a tool that helps keep operations up to date as the operating environment changes.