Service design and business consulting

Guiding you through digital transformation

Business is becoming networked and technological development enables new kinds of business models. In the midst of fast-paced change, companies and organisations do not necessarily know in which direction they should next develop their business and services.

Companies serve people who have a huge number of alternatives to choose from – and who will have even more in the future. A customer experience that exceeds expectations isn’t created overnight – its development must be a long-term effort.

Our business consulting and service design experts will help you identify the digitalisation opportunities of your organisation and find new business models and development concepts. We’ll also ensure that the customer experience provided in your different service channels both looks and feels good.


Business consulting

In today’s business environment, companies and organisations must have the ability to change constantly. Digitalisation in itself ushers in changes. It doesn’t make sense to simply digitalise old ways of working without updating them – instead, it’s worth rethinking operations from the ground up.

We’ll help you harness the new opportunities opened up by digitalisation and to modernise your business and service models to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.

Digital strategy

We build a competitive edge with business models for the digital era. We tap into the opportunities of digitalisation, technology and ecosystems. We update demand creation, customer service, service production, product development and earnings logic models to the digital era.

Service design

We further develop the concepts you select and test them with the right customers. We identify effective service ideas, continue their development and create new business. The outcome is tested-and-proven digital services.

Service offering development

We identify the factors behind an excellent customer experience for different customer groups at all phases of the service path. We define the services, content and service processes and identify the role of different service channels. The end result is a customer-focused description of the service model and a development roadmap.

Productisation of services

We identify the current state of operations and future requirements. We define the service vision and the processes, services, descriptions, roles and responsibilities for the development of service production. This results in an updated service model and a tool that helps keep operations up to date as the operating environment changes.


Service design

In tomorrow’s business, the customer experience will be crucial for success. For this reason, customer insight must be the starting point for the development of services and business as a whole.

We help you build an understanding of your customers’ needs and wishes. Together, we’ll design digital services that provide their users with memorable experiences and generate growth for your business and yield service efficiency.

Concept design

Our experienced service designers create innovative and successful services that meet real customer needs and fulfil business goals. Our designs always take account of the need for a profitable service implementation and the new business opportunities brought by technological development.

Usability testing

We ensure the usability of your service by testing it with real customers and users. Our usability experts will analyse the functionality of your services from the perspective of both the users and the achievement of your business objectives, while also taking into account accessibility requirements and regulations.

Visual design

Visual design has an undeniable impact on the user’s image of service quality. Our experienced designers provide digital services with a high-end visual image, which users will enjoy. We can even create an entire digital brand identity, from beginning to end.

User experience design

We create meaningful digital services which support the needs of users and provide an enjoyable user experience. We ensure that services are a good fit with their users, from mapping customer needs to prototype creation or usability testing of the final service.