Heroes of the digital everyday putting their heart into making software



Technology is our key priority at Digia and we are very serious and passionate about it.
However, technology is nothing without people who develop software solutions – for people. 
With us, you will be able to create top solutions and lead our customers to success in a constantly
changing digitalised everyday life.

Digia is...

Professionals who save the day

People, team members, colleagues – that is probably the first answer you will get when you ask a Digia employee what is the best thing about Digia. During the working day, you can rely on colleagues for help, and leisure time activities offer a chance to unwind together outside the office.

Young and eager or more mature and experienced

Those with more experience will always find new kinds of challenges in our projects that affect the whole Finnish society and corporate world. Those who are young and eager will be able to show us what they got, and what could be a better way to do so than to be mentored by some of the best software experts in Finland. We operate in five locations, several industries and solution areas. With us, you will be developing how IT will be implemented and delivered in Finland.

Finnish heroic deeds

Digia is a Finnish company. Together with our customers, we will create smooth everyday operation for Finns. Your work is important, and you will be able to see it in the everyday life of both yourself and those near and dear to you. Everyday life is not how it used to be, it has been digitalised – the 112 Suomi emergency positioning application or the online tax return service are fine examples of that.

Ambitiously towards better software solutions

Software is our key priority and we are very serious and passionate about it. We take great pride in continuously developing best practices to implement and deliver software solutions. As the range of customers and projects is extensive in our company, a vast set of tools is required. Versatile solutions and working with several technologies ensure continuous learning.



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