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Do you feel the need for continuous development, appreciate the opportunity to work with other experts and want to join a community that boldly moves forward supporting each other? Whether you are an experienced architect or an IT-graduate, we are constantly looking for new people to grow and develop with us. Join the growing ranks of digians and see our open jobs!

Digia is a software and service company that helps its customers to renew themselves in the networked world. Our roots are in Finland, and we work with our customers both nationally and internationally. Our customers from many different industries guarantee countless opportunities for versatile jobs in varying projects, thus also influencing your own career development. Through socially significant projects, we leave our mark for the future. Read more about Digia's service offering here and the technologies used by us from our Tech Radar.

There are already over 1,300 of us digians working flexibly all over Finland both remotely and in our offices. Our people are the key to success and our business is built through the well-being of our professionals. That's why we are actively developing our culture and different aspects of our work life, providing our experts with the best possible possibilities to succeed and act as part of a work community that encourages each other.


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Culture that we have created together is the ERP system of our everyday worklife


Every Digia Emplyee is a Senior Trainee

Digia’s business is expert business. We value our competence. What we value even more is humility when faced with learning new things. Learning is a fundamental requirement in constant change. It is the hunting skills of our era. As realists, we have said that work will be completed, but we will not be.



Together we know more

Time is limited. And the number of new things is unlimited. It is smart to guard your time against pointless things – such as reinventing something that a co-worker under the same roof has already invented. Things can be done more efficiently by sharing. At the same time, you learn by sharing.

When one of us succeeds, let’s celebrate the success of a co-worker. When one of us messes up, let’s share the lessons learned and move on. We are in this together. It is not egos that are wanted here, but experts.



It will not sting that bad

Courage is the everyday common sense and appropriate leaning forward of a professional. It does not always mean something flashy and grand. It is
trusting in your own professional skill, continuous small choices and taking responsibility for the smooth flow of things. We have good people doing a good job. So we trust ourselves and our colleagues, dare to try and move
forward – with the attitude of a visionary partner.



I stand by my work

Good everyday life is not just pulling through, and good business is not built by barely making enough effort to pass. Professional pride is born from small and large everyday successes that you are also happy to relay. We want to be proud of ourselves, each other, and what we accomplish. Together, with passion, as promised.


What benefits Digia offers?



  • electronic worktable and chair for full-time teleworkers with home delivery
  • care services for a sick child through our partner company
  • location independent work
  • flexible working hours to combine work and leisure time
  • gym at the Helsinki office and sauna facilities at our Tampere office


  • extensive occupational health care services (e.g., specialized medical care and mental health services)
  • vaccinations
  • dental services (300 € per year)
  • comprehensive travel, medical expenses, and leisure-time accident insurance

Learning & Development

  • the opportunity to work in different types of customers, fields and projects
  • active Tribes where you can expand your own expertise on worktime
  • internal and external training and certification opportunities relevant to this field and technologies
  • opportunity to learn new through job rotation


Professional Community

  • expert colleagues to learn from
  • cultural principles built together
  • business and team events




  • cottages available for employees to rent affordably in Ruka, Tahko and Vierumäki, which also include season passes for skiing and golf
  • a selection of digital magazines behind a paywall, such as Kauppalehti, Mikrobitti, Talouselämä, Tekniikka&Talous and TiVi
  • the staff's own hobby clubs (Open Clubs) which are also financially supported by Digia

Other benefits, discounts and bonuses

  • employee bike benefit
  • phone benefit
  • lunch benefit
  • leasing car
  • exercise, massage and culture benefits
  • career and life milestone celebrations
  • employee and team awards
  • certificate bonus
  • peer-to-peer recognition
  • recruitment bonus
  • staff discounts for a wide range of partners (e.g. ergonomic products, gyms, massage, hotel(s), car rental...)

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